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People love fishing, and if you are also planning to get into this game, you might find it pretty easy. Although it is a joyful hobby, it takes time to get things done rightly. Otherwise, you will only be throwing your resources into the water that’s not good in any way. First, you need to do some practice. And you need to understand how things work and what exact sort of things you may need to angle nicely. Of course, there are a couple of things for this list, but putting the fishing line on the reel is still on top.

How To Put Line On Baitcaster

Most beginners underestimate how to put a line on baitcaster, which hits worse than anything else. Because, if you won’t be able to put the fishing line on the reel, you could never become the best at fishing. Instead of underestimating this task, it is better to learn these things which aren’t difficult at all. We’ll make it even easier for you. But you first need to understand the types of fishing reels.

You will mostly get fishing reels and bait cast reels out of which bait casters are on the beginners-friendly side. They are pretty easy to use for beginners comparatively. But, the bait casters are challenging when putting line on the reel. However, you will get coverage for longer distances if it gets true.

For this reason, we will be explicitly taking bait casters for putting the lines into account. So, let’s get down a bit slowly into the instruction.

Things you need:

Now, if you are new to fishing or If you’re planning to catch big boys right out of the water bodies, you will need a bait caster. Bait Casting reels are durable and designed for large catches, unlike the spinning reels for smaller ones. Also, you would need a bit of extraordinary or heavy-duty fishing lines to get things done. A fishing rod along with a screwdriver should also be there.

Things you need

Another thing you need to focus on; is making sure you get a braided line so you would never regret it. Although it is a bit on the expensive side, it is still worth it, especially in terms of durability, longevity, strength, and many other things. Better is to opt at least for 20 LB of it as they feature relatively a good thickness.

With these strengthened and durable braided lines, you would catch bigger fish, which is eventually a good thing being an enthusiast angler. It also helps you to cast at a significant distance. Make sure to get some time to practice in your nearby water body to settle your hands on it.

Most of the time, Bait casters would initially require a good power or sort of torque that makes it challenging. However, practicing would eventually make you perfect, as we said earlier. If you have never done it before, it would surely take your patience and effort. So, be prepared for it.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the step-by-step guide on How to Put a Line on Baitcasters.

How To Put Line On Baitcaster | Step by Step Guide

There are a couple of ways to get this thing done. However, we will be specifically talking about one of the best methods. You need to pick your spool and add some monofilament wrap on its surface so that the actual wrap would set perfectly. Otherwise, it would get messy, and you will need to do it again.

How To Put Line On Baitcaster

The very first thing is to dispose of the old line at your fishing reel or bait caster. After getting it done, it is time to thread your new line into loops over it. For the first loop, you need to do it straight and tie a double uni knot. Also, it would be best if you put some gap within the top of its spool and your line so that it would cast well.

Make sure you spool it in a straightway. Neither put a lot of tension nor make it lose. Otherwise, it would ruin your experience out there on the water. That could be done with another mate’s help to pick and roll inside of the reel. The line would not overlap or cross over the spool if this goes fine.

Aftermaths of Putting Line on Baitcaster:

Your knot should be accurate, so you won’t find the process messy. If you are using a braid, it is a bit on a slippery side, which is why your knot should be accurate. The correct knot won’t cause trouble and will become responsive. For how many lines should you put on a bait caster? It would be best if you kept it one-eighth of an inch between the top of your spool and line.

Aftermaths of Putting Line on Baitcaster

After setting up the knots:

  1. Keep putting loops over it sequentially yet straightly.
  2. Make sure you fill the height of its reel sufficiently enough so your thumb would sit on the level with it.
  3. Don’t just overload the reel, nor should it be under the required length.
  4. Take your time and do it straight.

You don’t need to speed up the process. Otherwise, it would eventually get loose, and you’ll do it once again.

After putting the line on the caster, you now need to cut the line. After this, make sure to test it yourself as you never know about it. If this thing doesn’t disappoint and you are comfortable with it, the process is delicate. Otherwise, it would help if you rewind it to make it as per your taste.

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Wrapping it Up

Putting a line on the baitcaster is not a difficult or easy task until you do it yourself. In this guide, we have explained the exact steps you need to follow when it comes to how to put line on a baitcaster. After practicing the same thing over time, you would become extraordinary in this department.

Both your line and the knot should be top-notch. If you have got a line that isn’t durable or performing, you would eventually regret it as it won’t be helpful. In the same way, if you can’t tie a perfect knot, this still won’t work, and you will have to do it once again. By handling and practicing these things, you would succeed.