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Fly Reel Brands Ruling the Market in 2023

Best Fly Reel Brands and their Best Reels

Just like every spinning reel and baitcasting reel market, the fly reel market has so many brands operating in it. The competition is very tough, and new brands are coming into existence every other year. While most of the brands are devoted to providing value to their customers, some lazy sheep try to make money by fraud. These brands supply faulty products in the market, which results in angler’s money loss. For saving your resources, you should stay loyal to the best fly reel brands. 

Fly Reel Brands

To help you as we always do, we decided to list the best fly reel brands of the present time to spread kindness by saving you from faulty products. Our article contains information about every trustable and reliable brand in this market. The listed brands are well known for their value-providing products. In short, their products are worth every penny, and there’s no chance of fraud. 

Best Fly Reel Brands in 2022

As mentioned earlier, there are many brands in the fly fishing market, boosting the competition and striving to get on top. Few of them are holding the honor of being the source of angler’s excellent fishing experience. They’re also famous for providing value to their customers ever since their arrival in the market. Here’s a list of the top seven fly reel brands at the present time. 

Top Fly Fishing Reel Brands: 

  • Ross
  • Redington
  • Orvis
  • Lamson
  • Abel
  • Cheeky
  • Hatch

As mentioned earlier, these brands are supplying the best fly reels in the market. They’ve been cleanly conducting their business for years. These brands never intentionally supply any faulty product. Once buying any one of these brand’s reels may result in becoming a brand loyal customer. Try them for a better fishing experience.  

1. Ross


Ross is one of the fishing market leaders. They’ve been serving their customers with good products since 1973. This 48-year-old company manufactures the most durable and long-lasting fly reels in the world.  

Ross claims to have more Awards of Excellence than any other fly fishing brand. All the anglers who tried their reels are satisfied with them. Their products are still playing their part in many fishermen’s hands every day. 

The market leaders are famous for making the best $500 dollar fly reels. Their gears are complete and provide everything necessary for tackling big game fish. Even more, the Ross Fly reels are equipped with every feature an angler would desire. That is why they’re leading in the fishing equipment market. 

Animas is the best Ross fly reel available in the market. It is loaded with unique features, which make it one of the best high-end fly reels in the world. Ross Animas is still a part of many people’s fishing arsenal. 

The only downfall of Ross reels is the drag system. Many anglers complain about it. Ross reels tend to have a weaker drag than their competitors. Other than that, there’s nothing to complain about. The good qualities of Ross reels outnumber the bad ones. In fact, they sell the best fly reels at a reasonable cost. 

2. Redington


Following Ross, Redington is also one of the leading fly reel brands in the world. They’ve also been serving anglers for a long time. The reel manufacturing giants are famous for providing the most innovative and powerful fly reels in the market. 

Redington is always focused on delivering quality. This value-providing brand was founded in 1992. As mentioned earlier, Redington has been the angler’s source of happiness for the last 29 years. They’ve been manufacturing and selling value-providing reels at a reasonable cost. 

According to their website, they believe good quality doesn’t have to mean overpriced. With this intention in mind, they’ve been a source of the best affordable fly reels. Redington tries their best to provide as many features as it can at a very sensible price. 

The market leaders are also known for manufacturing reels that are easy to operate. In simple words, their reels are suitable for both beginners and experienced anglers. They manufacture products that make fly fishing fun for everyone.

Redington has been very successful so far, and they try their best to stay that way by continuously creating more innovative fly reels. Behemoth is their best fly reel. In fact, it is one the best overall fly reel in terms of value-providing. Redington Behemoth is still the angler’s first choice and favorite fishing gear. 

In contrast, their reels are a bit heavier than the competitors. Redington reels are not very heavy. You can have a comfortable fishing experience for hours, but other manufacturers offer lighter reels at the same price. To be honest, I am okay with it, and you will be too. 

3. Orvis


Orvis is undeniably one of the most experienced fly reel manufacturers in the world. Charles F.Orvis founded it in 1856. The fly reel manufacturing experts know what people want, and they provide it to make a good profit. They’ve been doing it for more than 150 years.

Orvis fly reels offer more durability and versatility than many other manufacturer’s gears. They have earned their place as market leaders since a long time ago. The best thing about this brand is that they learn from their mistakes and think like a customer before manufacturing a new fly reel. 

This leading company has earned the trust of many anglers around the globe. Their products are always durable and long-lasting. Also, their fly reels feature modern technology and are easy to operate which makes them one of the best fly reel brands. 

The best selling point of Orvis fly reels is versatility. They make fly reels for every type of angler. Orvis manufactures reels of every price range. The company makes fishing gears for beginners as well as experts. 

Clearwater is the best Orvis fly reel. It doesn’t cost much, but it provides an angler with everything he/she needs. The company’s other reels are also value-providing and long-lasting. That is why they are one of the top fly reel brands.

On the negative side, their reels are not very good-looking. It seems like they’re only focusing on the weight of their reels. It doesn’t matter much to me, but many people want to spend money on an excellent-looking product. 

4. Lamson


Today’s famous and one of the leading fly reel brands started the company as bicycle component manufacturers. Back in the 1980s, Lamson used to make clipless bicycle pedals. They started making fly reels in the 1990s, and there’s no stopping them now. 

Lamson reels are famous for being innovative and durable. Their reels feature modern technologies. The best thing they have done so far is the re-engineering of the drag system. They feature a new drag system that relies on matched cones to impart resistance. 

The cone-based drag really improves the reel’s quality. It also reduces weight. Some people believe that their invented drag is even better than the standard disc drag. In my opinion, they are right. The cone-based drag system really improves the casting by reducing the chances of failure. 

Lamson Guru S is their most successful fly reel. It provides angler power and smooth retrievals along with durability and consistency. Just like Guru S, Lamson’s other products are also value-providing. The biggest sale point of this company is its value-for-money products. 

However, low-priced Lamson reels still feature click-and-pawl, which works just fine. Their reels are also ultra-light and long-lasting. Lamson designs low-end reels for beginners and high-end products for experts. This means a beginner doesn’t need to spend $500 on a fly reel. 

On the contrary, low-priced Lamson reels are not suitable for saltwater. They’re only best for freshwater fishing, which is not too bad. In short, Lamson reels do not offer versatility. Other than that, their gears are more than extraordinary. 

5. Abel


The next brand on our list is Abel, an independent American company that won the most number of IGFA in the world. It was founded in 1980 in America. The company is said to be the best in offering custom reel designs. Their fly reels are the most durable products on the market. 

Abel is one of the companies that spend lots of money on research and development. They’re far ahead of the competitors in realizing customer’s needs and wants. Abel creates what anglers desire. 

The 41 years old company claims to be the manufacturer of the most durable and advanced fly fishing reels. Besides, many anglers believe that Abel reels have the highest standards in quality and design and I totally agree. Abel fly reels look premium and good, and they’re long-lasting. 

Abel reels are premium which makes them very expensive. They do not target a low-budget market. On the positive side, Abel also offers custom designs. You can design your reel through the Abel website. How cool is that?

This premium company designs limited products. The Abel SDS model is their best creation so far. Everyone who used it loved it. Other Abel fly reels are also good as model SDS. All of their products feature new technologies along with durability. 

However, Abel reels also have a downfall. The only bad thing about this brand is the price of its products. Abel fly reels are very expensive. Without a doubt, these expensive reels are worth every penny, but my point is, they don’t make reels for a low-budget market. 

6. Cheeky


Unlike other market leaders, cheeky was founded in 2010 by four friends. These four men were fly fishing addicts and wanted to create better fly reels. They had little money but big plans to work on. 

After years of struggle and hard work, Cheeky’s business is booming. They are constantly improving their products. This 11-year-old brand now delivers quality fly reels in the market. Their products are value-providing and robust. 

Cheeky really likes to offer reels in different colors. They focus on the looks more than anything else. Until now, the design and looks of their fly reels are their best selling points. Besides, their gears are also loaded with innovative features and technologies. 

To maintain the number of their loyal customers, cheeky spends lots of money on research and development departments. As mentioned earlier, they are constantly trying to build better products than before. The company is trying its best to become a market leader and by judging their progress; they soon will be. 

Cheeky Limitless is the best fly reel of this emerging company. It features everything an angler wants, along with some extra care of coloring and design. Limitless satisfy a vast majority of people worldwide, and it’s not the end of its journey. Cheeky is continuously manufacturing new fly reels, which will be better than Limitless. 

On the negative side, their gears are not loaded with the best spool. Cheeky really need to work on providing even better spools in their reels. It’s not the worst, but it’s not the best either. Apart from that, there’s nothing to worry about. You can blindly trust this 11 year old company. 

7. Hatch


Hatch is a premium quality reel manufacturer. They make the reels suitable for both fresh and saltwater. In short, they make fly reels to target every species, from trout to large tarpons. They are well known for offering versatility. 

Hatch Outdoors was founded in 2003. The founding fathers of this company wanted to set the standard of fly fishing reels for all manufacturers. With the current success rate, they will achieve their goal soon. 

This 18 year old company makes high-end and intermediate fly reels. They don’t craft low-priced reels. Even more, their reels are not suitable for beginners. They are hard to operate and clean. 

Hatch reels are expensive and yet worthy. Experienced anglers appreciate everything they offer. Their products are best in terms of drag, durability, and design. In fact, Hatch reels are the most long-lasting fly reels on the market. Their reels are designed for rough environments, which is a beautiful thing. 

Moreover, hatch products also offer a brilliant, fully sealed drag which makes the reel powerful enough to tackle everything. All in all, hatch fly fishing gears are good-looking, robust, and durable. 

Gen 2 Finatic 3 Plus is the most successful hatch fly reel. It features modern technologies and is still a part of any angler’s arsenal. This 18 year old company focuses on providing quality by all of their products but Gen 2 Finatic 3 Plus is special. 

In contrast, Hatch only makes fly reels for wealthy and intermediate anglers. As mentioned earlier, their products are expensive and unaffordable for many. On the positive, they are best in offering durability, making their reel very good for long-term use. 


Why do you need to know about the fly reel brands? Why is it so important? The answer to these questions is straightforward because the best brands offer the best fly reels. All of the listed brands have one thing in common; they supply reliable products in the market. These brands successfully gained the trust of millions of anglers around the globe. So if you want a long-lasting and reliable fly reel, buy branded products. Good Luck.