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Fishing Rod Storage Ideas in 2023 | All Good Fishing

Fishing is a joyful and adventurous hobby for many of us and a fishing rod is a key to a successful fishing session. Without a fishing rod, you can never imagine grabbing some fish for your dinner. In this physical world, everything requires space for storage and if you are dealing with a limited amount of space, we have crafted this exclusive guide for the fishing rod storage ideas.

Fishing Rod Storage Ideas

Now, depending upon your experience, you might be involved in fishing in a way that you will be needed to have different types of fishing rods along with you in the kayak or boat or in your fleet at the garage. For example trolling, bait casting, spinning, and fly rods. Each of these rods has different uses but you can’t keep every single rod along with you in the kayak as there is a chance that you will end up messing with the rods. So, better come up with some crazy storage ideas!

So, let’s take a detailed look at what we have got you for the fishing rod storage ideas!

Fishing Rod Storage Ideas | All Good Fishing

1. Overhead Fishing Rod Rock

Overhead Fishing Rod Rock

Well, this method of storage has got a lot of different names but we found this one pretty accurate and meaningful due to its design. We all struggle with limited space on the floor but we people often neglect the use of the roof or ceiling of the garage room. You just need to be creative and you will find the solution to utilize the space at its best without damaging or breaking your fishing rods.

For this method, you don’t need to be super technical or impressively creative, you just need to be a smart guy. First of all, you need to find how many rods you have got to store so you can have a clear picture of some technical things. You can custom-made this setup on your own or get a pre-made structure from here.

Overhead Fishing Rod Rock

For that, you need to measure the length and width of your room and divide your answer by the number of rods you are going to store. For example, your garage is 15F wide and similar in length. This means you have got around 200F of covered space in which you can store up to 35 rods at the same time. To make it accessible, you should install this thing at a height of a minimum of 7 feet and up to 8F at most. You can either use wood or an entire steel/iron frame to make it.

2. Premade Fishing Rod Racks

Premade Fishing Rod Racks

Now, if this overhead idea seems technical to you or you don’t want to cover your entire roof, or you don’t have 30+ rods to hold, we have got you another thing here. You can grab premade rod racks that you can put simply in a corner and you are all set after putting all your rods on it.

This one here is a barbell shape rod rack that is going to stand on the ground. On its bottom side, you will insert the handle side of your rods and the tip side on its upper disk. These racks save you a lot of space and money as well. The best part is, that you don’t need to scratch your head taking dimensions and estimating material and labor costs. On top of this, the rack is portable that you can simply put in your truck to then add it to a kayak or boat without disassembling the rack.

3. Rod Holder Dock | Fishing Rod Storage Ideas

Rod Holder Dock

The rod rack would be a good fit if you have got small to medium size fishing rods. However, if you have bigger ones, that premade fishing rod rack would not be a good match as it will not balance the entire rack once a heavy boat rod is placed into it. So, you need a heavy-duty rod holder dock that we have got you here.

This isn’t pretty convenient to transport as it is more on the bulky side. In this specific dock, you can load up to 04 big fishing rods without any problem at all. On a surprising note, Rush Creek installed smooth wheels to make it transportable just with your fingertips which is a great thing to see as it isn’t pretty common. However, it may cause some instability in an uncontrollable ride, so make sure you put this duck in a corner and lock its wheel to ensure it isn’t going anywhere.

4. Wall Mount Rod Holding Rack

Wall Mount Rod Holding Rack

If your kayak isn’t very wide or you don’t want to carry your entire fleet of fishing rods out there but to keep it in your garage, this wall mount rack is the simplest thing you can do. It would be a great alternative to the overhead fishing rod rack as that was slightly more complex than this one.

However, in this thing, you simply have to get two racks and drill a couple of holes to mount them both on the wall. Make sure you have installed them on the same level so your rods would not break or fall down on the ground. Position the racks on both sides at a distance that suits the length of your fishing rods.

Wall Mount Rod Holding Rack

For a perfect balance, install both these racks with a collective offset of 1.5-2F. For example, If the length of your rods is 6F, keep a distance of a minimum of 4 to 5F for a good balance. This too has an alternative. Instead of going for these racks, you can simply install a shelf on top of each with decent width and size of a rod.

5. Rod Storage for Boat

Rod Storage for Boat

If you have got a big kayak or a boat and you take it to catch some fish, you can also prepare your boat for holding multiple fishing rods that you can then take out when you need them. However, this would be best only for boats but not for kayaks as you would have to drill some holes and drill is not good for kayaks.

The process is simple, you need to measure the length of your boat’s walls on both sides along with the height as well. Then, divide your measurement as per your number of fishing rods. Ideally, you would be able to put up to 04 or 05 fishing rods on one side of your boat. For a single fishing rod, you need to drill at least two or a maximum of 3 holes for a better grip. Now, you just need to screw 90° anchors or brackets of steel for a better holding of your fishing rods.

6. Single Piece Rod Holder | Fishing Rod Storage Ideas

Single Piece Rod Holder

If you don’t have ten’s fishing rods or you are having just two or three rods, the storage is simplest for it. This one-piece rod holder will do the job decently. It is an all-in-one design in which you can put three rods from their handle sides and you are all done with the installation.

Single Piece Rod Holder

For your ease, you can drill them in a corner, or it will still look good standing freely. Overall, it is the simplest design for storage.

7. Adjustable Rod Holder for Kayak

Adjustable Rod Holder for Kayak

Another option for storing your holders in a kayak and this time we have got you with an adjustable design to make the storage more convenient. This comes in a pair which means you can use this set for up to two holders at a time. For your ease, you can always order more holders according to your requirements.

Adjustable Rod Holder for Kayak

This adjustable rod storage holder has got a swivel head installed beneath its sleeve so that you can rotate a 360°. You can use it to hold your spinning, fly, or casting reel and the best part is you don’t need to drill holes at all. Furthermore, the design is pretty practical and durable due to its anti-rust material.