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Best Walleye Trolling Rods – Ultimate Buying Guide and Reviews

We all know how notorious walleye is, and no matter how good your rod and reel combo is, you won’t be able to catch it as quickly as other fish. However, there is nothing on the planet Earth that can stop humans from doing something they like. The gear manufacturing companies specially built Best Walleye Trolling rods along with other equipment for targeting this species. 

Everything has both its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the trolling rods make it easy to target walleye. On the other hand, it is complex in terms of gear and setup. Thus you have to choose and buy the right trolling rod for achieving success. 

Trolling is getting popular among new anglers. The demand for trolling rods is rising, and the manufacturers are doing their best to supply quality products. A great thing for anglers, right? Yes, it is a great thing, but there’s a catch. You must choose and buy the right product. 

Best Walleye Trolling Rods

There are hundreds of rods available in the market, each best for a specific job. The gradually increasing number of products confuses many people. That’s why we are jumping to the rescue. All Good Fishing decided to help you in this scenario. We bought you a list of the best walleye trolling rods along with their reviews to help you narrow down your choice. So, let’s get on with it. 

Top 10 Best Walleye Trolling Rods At A Glance

Mr. Walleye
Mr. Walleye Trolling Rod
Mr. Walleye Trolling Rod
  • Benefits: Value for money, Strong construction, Durable and Long-lasting, Lightweight, Specially designed for targeting Walleye, Semi-micro duraloc guides
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St. Croix
St. Croix Eyecon Spinning Rod
St. Croix Eyecon Spinning Rod
  • Benefits: Perfect length, Strong and robust, Durable, High-quality build material, Fast and smooth action, Sensitive, Powerful enough to easily win against walleye
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Shimano TDR
Shimano TDR Walleye Trolling Rod
Shimano TDR Walleye Trolling Rod
  • Benefits: Elegant design, Lightweight, Strong, Excellent build quality, Sensitive enough to feel every bite, Value-for-money product, Comfortable in hand
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Okuma Classic
Okuma Classic Pro GLT Trolling Rod
Okuma Classic Pro GLT Trolling Rod
  • Benefits: Eye-catchy design, Strong construction, Excellent build quality, Durable, Comfortable and lightweight, Great for both lake fishing and walleye trolling, Versatile, A perfect budget option, Value providing product
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Daiwa Great
Daiwa Great Lakes Trolling Rod
Daiwa Great Lakes Trolling Rod
  • Benefits: Lightweight rod, Comfortable in hand, Great power and strength, Long-lasting, Best for Walleye trolling, High values at a low price, Mid-range beast
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Shimano Talora
Shimano Talora Walleye Trolling Rod
Shimano Talora Walleye Trolling Rod
  • Benefits: Strong and Robust, Excellent Construction, Wonderful build quality, Lightweight and comfortable, Durable and long-lasting, One of the best walleye trolling rods for freshwater
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Omen Black
13 Fishing Omen Black
13 Fishing Omen Black
  • Benefits: Attractive walleye fishing rod, Lightweight, Well-balanced, Super-sensitive, Excellent build quality, Value-for-money product, One of the best fishing rods for targeting Walleye
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Shimano Compre
Shimano Compre Walleye Spinning Rod
Shimano Compre Walleye Spinning Rod
  • Benefits: Strong Construction, Lightweight, Comfortable and sensitive, Durable and long-lasting, Features long casting distance, Powerful and solid, One of the best walleye fishing rods
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Denali Myriad
Denali Myriad Walleye Spinning Rod
Denali Myriad Walleye Spinning Rod
  • Benefits: Aggressive design, Mid-range walleye fishing rod, Super-sensitive, Comfortable, Long-lasting, 3-year warranty, One of the best fishing rods for walleye
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Okuma Dead Eye Pro
Okuma Dead Eye Pro Walleye Fishing Rod
Okuma Dead Eye Pro Walleye Fishing Rod
  • Benefits: Portable, You can take it everywhere, Easy to inflate and deflate, Best for short fishing trips, Durable, Safe and secure
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Top Trolling Rods for Walleye – The List: 

Here is the list of our 10 Best Trolling Rods for Walleye available in the market. Each product offers more benefits than its cost. Furthermore, our team of experts recommends every single one of them. The top three are,

  1. Overall Winner – Mr. Walleye Trolling Rod
  2. Runner up – St. Croix Eyecon
  3. Editor’s Choice – Shimano TDR Walleye Trolling Rod

1. Mr. Walleye Trolling Rod

Mr. Walleye Trolling Rod trolling rods for walleye

We are starting our list with a product specifically designed to target walleye, the Mr. Walleye Trolling Rod. As mentioned before, it was designed explicitly for walleye trolling with all the correct specifications for getting the job done. 


The Mr. Walleye Trolling rod comes with just the right length, and it is not too tall and not too short, offering you perfect control and decent strength. Moreover, the graphite build quality makes the rod strong, durable, and lightweight. 

As mentioned above, every rod has a special feature that makes it unique. The specialty of Mr. Walleye trolling rod is its lightness. The slender design and lighter weight make it one of the best of its kind. It allows you to enjoy fighting walleye. The IM8 graphite is the reason behind its stiffness. Even more, this quality material makes the rod durable and long-lasting. 

Mr. Walleye trolling rod is telescopic, just like many other trolling rods. That makes it a very convenient choice in terms of transport. It is a value for money product explicitly designed to target walleye, and I highly recommend using it. 


  • Value for money
  • Strong construction
  • Durable and Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Specially designed for targeting Walleye
  • Semi-micro duraloc guides


  • Mr. Walleye is not the best trolling rod for other techniques. 

2. St. Croix Eyecon Spinning Rod

St. Croix Eyecon Spinning Rod walleye trolling rod

If you’ve ever bought a fishing reel or rod before, then you might have an idea about the St. Croix products. The equipment manufacturing giants are widely known for their unique products. The company is widely recognized as one of the market leaders, and they honor their fame by providing top-quality products. One of their famous creations is the St. Croix Eyecon Spinning rod. 


First thing first, St. Croix Eyecon comes in a perfect length for walleye fishing. It has an eye-catchy design along with medium power. These two features make the rod strong enough to set up your hook while being light enough to feel every bite. That is why it is on our best walleye trolling rods list, even though it is a spinning rod.

The Split EVA and cork grip of St. Croix Eyecon feels comfortable in hand. Moreover, the robust aluminum guide rings and ceramic inserts make the rod durable and long-lasting. For adding more durability points, St. Croix features this rod a FUJI IPS reel seat. That makes the rod even more durable. 

Nothing is perfect in this world. New products consistently surpass the previous ones. That’s the same with St. Croix. There’ll come a product that will prove itself better than this one. Fortunately, that didn’t happen until now. St. Croix eyecon is one of the best spinning rods for walleye, and I recommend it. 


  • Perfect length
  • Strong and robust
  • Durable 
  • High-quality build material
  • Fast and smooth action
  • Sensitive
  • Powerful enough to easily win against walleye


  • Low line and lure weight

3. Shimano TDR Walleye Trolling Rod

Shimano TDR Walleye Trolling Rod walleye rod

Shimano fishing equipment is undeniably one of the best available in the market. The market leaders are famous for providing quality products. Almost all of their products are a hit and satisfy a vast majority of anglers around the world. Shimano TDR Walleye trolling rod is no exception. It is undoubtedly the most versatile and one of the best walleye trolling rods in 2022. 


The TDR walleye trolling rod is one of the most famous pieces of equipment among anglers. It is widely known for its brilliant performance. This Shimano product continues as a mainstay for those anglers looking for a rod to match their downriggers, dipsy divers, or other trolling applications. 

We all know that Shimano trolling rods are built with high-quality materials. The same is the case with TDR Walleye. It features Aeroglass blank construction that guarantees the product’s durability and incredible sensitivity. This means the rod is strong enough to catch walleye and sensitive enough to feel every bite. 

In the case of TDR Walleye, Shimano did not compromise on durability. The aluminum oxide guides confirm the manufacturer’s devotion towards satisfying customers by all means possible. Even more, the EVA foam rubber grips add comfort points along with providing better grip. 

All in all, the Shimano TDR Walleye trolling rod is a complete package. It is designed for targeting walleye, but it can also do other things. This rod’s versatility, durability, and strength make it one of its kind and the best walleye trolling rod. 


  • Elegant design
  • Lightweight
  • Strong 
  • Excellent build quality
  • Sensitive enough to feel every bite
  • Value-for-money product
  • Comfortable in hand


  • Not that I remember.

4. Okuma Classic Pro GLT Trolling Rod

Okuma Classic Pro GLT Trolling Rod best rod for walleye

Just like Shimano, Okuma is also enjoying a great place on the leadership board. They are also considered market leaders. The best thing about Okuma products is their cost-effectiveness. Their rods and reels are widely known for providing multiple benefits at a minimal and reasonable cost. The Okuma Classic Pro GLT trolling rod is one of the same. 


Walleye is notorious, but it can be tackled quickly with the right equipment. It must be understood that the right equipment has nothing to do with the price. You can easily find a charming trolling rod at a very reasonable price, like the Okuma Classic Pro GLT. 

This brilliant piece of equipment is built with high-quality materials for offering durability and strength. Classic Pro GLT was initially designed for fishing with downriggers, but it works perfectly well for walleye trolling. The Fiberglass blank construction makes it lightweight and comfortable in hand, allowing anglers to fish for hours without tiring. 

Okuma Classic Pro GLT features stainless steel double foot guides and titanium oxide inserts to add more quality. Its durability is unbeatable at this price range. Even more, the stainless steel hooded reel seat with graphic cushion inserts is a plus point. Due to all these features, it is considered one of the best trolling rods for walleye, and I highly recommend it. 


  • Eye-catchy design
  • Strong construction
  • Excellent build quality
  • Durable
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Great for both lake fishing and walleye trolling
  • Versatile
  • A perfect budget option
  • Value providing product


  • Not at this price range

5. Daiwa Great Lakes Trolling Rod

Daiwa Great Lakes Trolling Rod best walleye rod

The next stop on our list is Daiwa Great Lakes Downrigger Trolling rod. If you are somehow connected to the fishing gear market, then you already know how good Daiwa rods are. Built with high-end materials and available at a reasonable cost, their products are second to none. Let’s get on with the features of Daiwa Great Lakes Trolling Rod. 


The first thing to mention is the price range and benefits. Daiwa Great Lakes is a mid-range trolling rod. It will load you with everything that is necessary for targeting walleye. Its resilient and robust graphite composite blank construction guarantees its long life and works efficiency. 

Daiwa Great Lakes is one of the best walleye trolling rods due to its construction, durability, strength, power, and comfort. The rod features aluminum oxide guides for longer life expectancy and lighter weight. Furthermore, the triangle EVA foam grips allow anglers to fish for hours without tiring their hands. 

If you take my advice, the Great Lakes is one in a million products. It provides everything at a very sensible price. Indeed, it doesn’t offer versatility, but as long as you intend to use it for walleye trolling, it will give you satisfactory results. 


  • Lightweight rod
  • Comfortable in hand
  • Great power and strength
  • Long-lasting
  • Best for Walleye trolling
  • High values at a low price
  • Mid-range beast


  • It does not offer versatility

6. Shimano Talora Walleye Trolling Rod

Shimano Talora Walleye Trolling Rod best rod for jigging walleye

Mentioning just one Shimano product cannot complete a list of fishing equipment. As we all have the idea about the reputation of the market leaders and efficiency of their products. It’s safe to assume that Shimano Talora is one of the best trolling rods for walleye. It has no match in various techniques and is considered the best for downrigger, dipsy diver, planer board, wireline, and leadcore fishing.


Shimano Talora is a magnificent piece of equipment. It allows you to tackle walleye as easily as shooting fish in a barrel. It features everything an angler would love to have. In short, the Shimano Talora is a complete package of value and benefits. 

The Talora Walleye trolling rod is built with a layering process of T-Glass and Spiral modulus graphite. That makes this rod extraordinarily strong and durable. We know that Shimano is famous for innovations, and that’s what they did, in this case, with T-Glass and Modulus graphite. 

As a result of Shimano’s new crafting method, the Talora is super light, which makes it very easy to fish for walleye. The Fuji aluminum oxide guides make them durable and long-lasting. The Fuji seats are also adding a lot to its point table. In a word, the Talora is one of the best walleye trolling rods, and I highly recommend it for freshwater trolling. 


  • Strong and Robust
  • Excellent Construction
  • Wonderful build quality
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • One of the best walleye trolling rods for freshwater


  • It might not be the best idea to use Talora in Saltwater. 

7. 13 Fishing Omen Black

13 Fishing Omen Black best walleye jigging rod

13 Fishing’s Omen Black Spinning rod is one of the most famous spinning rods available in the market. Most people indeed buy it due to its charming looks, but to be very honest, it performs well. In fact, it might be the best mid-range option for you. Tackling the notorious walleye won’t be a problem for 13 Fishing Omen Black.


Let’s start with the best feature of this rod, its sensitivity. The 13 Fishing Omen Black allows the angler to feel every bite, whether small or big. This product’s poly vector graphite technology means that the graphite fibers are strategically interlaced, making the rod tighter and, thus, more sensitive. 

Outfitted with ALPS 316 stainless steel guides and zirconia inserts, the Omen Black allows you to cast longer. Moreover, the guides are built with solid material, securing the rod’s performance and making it durable. 

The unique reel seat design makes maximum contact with the blank. That makes the rod even more sensitive, allowing you to feel every small bite. Furthermore, the Omen Black feels comfortable in hand. It is super-sensitive, robust, well-balanced, challenging, and powerful. Everybody wants to own a rod like Omen Black. It is undeniably one of the best fishing rods for Walleye. 


  • Attractive walleye fishing rod
  • Lightweight
  • Well-balanced
  • Super-sensitive
  • Excellent build quality
  • Value-for-money product
  • One of the best fishing rods for targeting Walleye


  • The reel seat design makes it over-sensitive. 

8. Shimano Compre Walleye Spinning Rod

Shimano Compre Walleye Spinning Rod best jigging rod for walleye

If you meet someone who tells you that he works for Google, you’ll consider him rich without even asking about it. The same goes for Shimano products. If someone tells you about a Shimano rod, you’ll definitely think of it as a value-for-money product. That’s the reputation they built by providing products like Shimano Compre Walleye Spinning rod. This rod is one of the best fishing rods for targeting walleye. It is specifically designed for the job, and I guarantee you that it will come in handy. 


The first thing to praise here is the product’s material. It is built with IM8-graphite, which guarantees the durability and longer life of the rod. Also, these building materials make the rod sensitive and lightweight. That means the anglers will be able to fish for hours without tiring their hands. 

As mentioned above, the Shimano Compre is explicitly made to target and tackle walleye, and it features everything that is considered necessary for the job. The Zirconia Sea guides of this brilliant rod allow you to cast longer, making the rod suitable for various techniques and applications. 

Moreover, the Zironica Sea Guides and IM8-graphite make the rod long-lasting. The best thing about this rod is that its performance does not change throughout its lifetime. After a year or two, it will perform the same as it performed on day one. How cool is that? 

Indeed Shimano Compre is a spinning rod, but it works perfectly for tackling down walleye. This rod has built a strong reputation by satisfying a majority of its customers. You should also try it once. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 


  • Strong Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and sensitive
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Features long casting distance
  • Powerful and solid
  • One of the best walleye fishing rods


  • Shimano Compre might not be the best rod for trolling purposes
  • Slightly lacking sensitivity 

9. Denali Myriad Walleye Spinning Rod

Denali Myriad Walleye Spinning Rod best trolling rods for walleye

You and I both want the job done. And for that purpose, we want a fine piece of equipment at a very reasonable price. There are plenty of brands supplying hundreds of rods, but only a few of them get customer’s satisfaction. Denali Myriad Walleye is one of them. It satisfied every angler around the globe. That’s why it is a part of our list. Let’s find out more about this hit product. 


The Denali Myriad is specifically designed for catching the notorious Walleye, and it outshines many of its competitors with its brilliant and advanced features. The best thing about the Denali Myriad is the cutting-edge technology and components. 

Most walleye rods don’t offer the same features as Denali Myriad at a higher price, which is one reason behind the product’s remarkable success in the market. It features a split grip and sensitive high-modulus graphite paired with a beautiful design, making the product one of the best walleye fishing rods. 

The wood foregrip and semi-micro guides ensure the durability and comfort of the rod. You can fish for hours with Denali Myriad without tiring. Even more, this fantastic product is suitable for various techniques and applications. Its versatility is another reason behind its success. 

The best thing about this rod is the manufacturer’s 3-year warranty. You can conclude the greatness of this product by the confidence of its manufacturers. I highly recommend it for walleye fishing. 


  • Aggressive design
  • Mid-range walleye fishing rod
  • Super-sensitive
  • Comfortable
  • Long-lasting
  • 3-year warranty
  • One of the best fishing rods for walleye


  • Not in my record. 

10. Okuma Dead Eye Pro Walleye Fishing Rod

Okuma Dead Eye Pro Walleye Fishing Rod best walleye trolling rod

Okuma Dead Eye Pro is another Walleye dedicated fishing rod available in the market. This new product of the manufacturing giants is a total hit. This rod is a complete package designed only for serious walleye anglers. If you are one of them, then you need it. But before that, let’s read about it. 


As you already know that Walleye rods are a bit different than the standard options. That is because they are built to serve only one purpose. Very few Walleye fishing rods offer versatility, and Okuma Dead Eye Pro is one of them. It is designed with the latest technology, which is approved by professional walleye anglers. 

Furthermore, the rod features premium Sea Guide XO-316 stainless steel angled guide frames to reduce the line twist. It also offers zirconium inserts for making the rod suitable for braided lines. Also, the specialized stainless steel guide tip of Okuma Dead Eye Pro prevents inserts from popping out. 

A Walleye rod must be comfortable. This technique is not a simple one. Sometimes it takes time to bring a fish from underwater. That is the reason why the grips of Walleye rods are made comfortable, so anglers don’t hurt their hands or get tired after a few minutes. When it comes to providing tight grip and comfort, Okuma Dead Eye Pro steals the show. It comes with full cork rear grips, which are comfortable and easy to hold. 

In short, the Okuma Dead Eye Pro is one of the best Walleye trolling rods. It provides everything essential for this technique, along with versatility. You can also use this rod for other courses and applications. Once using Dead Eye Pro might turn you to be Okuma’s brand loyal customer. 


  • Strong and lightweight construction
  • Elegant design
  • Sensitive rod
  • Suitable for using braided fishing line
  • Comfortable cork handle
  • Durable and long-lasting product
  • Best low-budget option
  • Provides more value than its cost
  • Best walleye fishing rod for the money


  • Not the most sensitive rod I used, but that’ll be fine. 

Different Types of Fishing Rods for Targeting Walleye

Targeting Walleye is a well-known fishing application, and it’s becoming more popular among new anglers every day. The manufacturers, as always, did their very best to keep the demand and supply balanced. As a result, we have more than one option of rods available in the market. Walleye trolling rods are the best for the job, but some spinning and jigging rods also do the job perfectly. Let’s briefly discuss each of the three types. 

Walleye Trolling Rods:

Trolling is one of the most loved fishing techniques. It is not as simple as others. That’s why it is considered an expert’s technique. Unlike other fishing equipment, trolling rods are the most fun to use. 

If you are an expert and want to take things to the next level, plan a trolling trip for walleye. You will use a heavier setup along with a more extended walleye trolling rod. The reason behind it is the fighting power for a piece of long equipment, and it’s not easier to fight a fish in deeper waters. Only walleye trolling rods are good enough for the job. 

As we all know, walleye is a notorious species. They like to spend their time in the deep waters of large lakes. That’s why you will need deep-diving lures. Other products will not get you the same results. 

Indeed, you can use any fishing rod for trolling, but they will never perform the same as walleye trolling rods. It’s just like a DSLR camera vs a mobile phone camera. You can take photos from both devices, but the result won’t be the same. Walleye trolling rods are specifically designed for this technique. If you are planning to go on a trolling trip, I recommend using these rods. 

Walleye Spinning Rods:

Spinning rods are also different from traditional fishing rods. They have the reel mounted underneath them. Unlike other rod types, the line guides of spinning rods face downwards. These features make them a unique piece of fishing equipment, suitable for various applications and techniques. 

The best thing about spinning rods is their versatility. You can use these products for almost everything. Unlike most other types, the spinning rods perform well in most fishing applications. These rods are also considered as COMPLETE fishing equipment. 

If you want to target walleye with a spinning rod, you have to use a setup that lies between heavy and light. This equipment will offer you various advantages and benefits, like using a variety of baits and lures. Unlike trolling rods, you can use any bait or lure you want. It won’t affect the performance of the rod. 

The only catch here is the depth. As mentioned before, walleye love to stay in the deep waters of great lakes. You have to install an extensive line on your spinning rod and reel combo. 

Walleye Jigging Rods:

Just like a standard Jigging rod, Walleye jigging rods are also used with large metal jigs. Anglers have to drop down the jig vertically below the boat or wherever they are fishing from. 

Jigging rods are not the best fishing equipment in terms of versatility. These products can only be used for the purpose they were built, and that is Jigging. The critical thing about these rods is their sensitivity. You will never miss feeling a single bite. 

Walleye is widely known for its delicate nibbling on lures. This characteristic makes them very hard to catch. That’s why you will need a short and fast action rod. 

What Makes the Best Walleye Trolling Rods?

You should look for multiple qualities when choosing a trolling rod for walleye. There are plenty of products available in the market. The increasing number of trolling rods is making many people confused about their choice. Also, the newbies might not even know what to buy. That’s why we added the buying guide section. 

This section of our article will go through some essential qualities that describe the walleye trolling rods. You must look for these in the product description, or you can search online. 

Blank Material:

Different companies use multiple materials to build a blank of trolling rods. However, the best rods feature fiberglass blank construction. Try to buy a rod that features fiberglass. 

Trolling is a tough job for rods. They take a lot of abuse during fishing. Pulling big lures over a great distance, dragging planer boards in rough waters, along with fighting the notorious walleye, requires a fine piece of equipment. Trolling rods must be solid and flexible, and that’s why you need a fiberglass rod. They are nearly impossible to break and very flexible. 

Indeed you need a powerful rod, but not overpowering. Using a very powerful rod can end up very badly. That’s the reason why manufacturers have started building composite rods made of fiberglass combined with graphite and even pure graphite. To be honest, that’s not a bad thing. The Denali Myriad of our list is an excellent lightweight walleye rod. 


Choosing the right length is very necessary for any kind of fishing technique. It is one of the key factors that describe the performance of the rod. In trolling, the length depends upon the setup you’re planning to use. 

There are two basic setups for walleye trolling; flat line trolling and trolling with planer boards. 

Flat Line trolling:

In flat line trolling, the line goes straight from your rod to the water. Both short(5’ to 6’) and long(8’ to 12’) can do the job in this setup. Having both rods will allow you to set up outermost lines with the long rods and innermost lines with the short rods. In this way, you can target a wider area. 

Trolling With Planer Boards:

If you are planning to use planer boards for walleye trolling, then the best rod for you is 8’. This length will help you keep the line between the planer board and the road trip. 


Walleye trolling rods must not be under or overpowered. You should always choose medium or medium-heavy powered rods because doing this will allow you to cast and retrieve quickly. Also, it will enable you to fight walleye, even in the deep underwater, easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

The Final Takeaways: 

Every angler knows that not every rod is ideal for walleye trolling. To be very honest, it is not an easy job. A beginner will have to spend hours of practice before the first catch. The more challenging jobs require the best equipment. That’s why walleye trolling rods are the best for this fishing application. 

We all know how hard it is to find the right rod. At the present time, the market is offering hundreds of products right now. That makes it very hard for an angler to choose a suitable product. That’s why we made a list of top-quality rods. Each product of our article holds the honor of satisfying its customer. 

Walleye trolling can be a little difficult for beginners, but once you learn the art, you unlock the extraordinarily challenging and rewarding activity. Do not be afraid to try. We all were newbies in the past. Buy the best walleye trolling rods and go bring one for the night. Good Luck.