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04 Best Pedal Drive Kayaks in 2023 | All Good Fishing

Pedal drive kayaks have seen a significant growth trend within this decade due to so many reasons. There are a bunch of advantages that a Pedal drive kayak features such as joyfully covering the greater distance without stressing your hands. The added stability provides them an edge over the other models of kayaks whether it be recreational or angling kayaks.

Best Pedal Drive Kayaks

These things make them easy to maneuver hence kayakers find these vessels easy to use. However, finding the best pedal drive kayaks itself isn’t an easy task. As the market has seen popularity for these vessels, the demand has been raised significantly. Thus creating an opportunity for brands to come and play in the market. So, you can imagine not every brand would be doing good in this regard.

You need to filter those brands so you end up having a list of fine players in this game that again isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. To make things easier, our editorial has taken this task and crafted this in-depth guide covering the best pedal drive kayaks. With these kayaks, you will be ensuring decent stability, impressive control, and overall a lucrative performance right out of the box. Let’s get into it!

04 Best Pedal Drive Kayaks At A Glance

Overall Best Pedal Drive Kayak
Perception Pescador Pilot 12
Perception Pescador Pilot 12
  • Benefits: Stable and a Safe Kayak, A spacious cabin design, Durable and comfortable, The well-positioned seating
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The Budget Pedal Drive Kayak
Perception Crank 10 SOT Kayak
Perception Crank 10 SOT Kayak
  • Benefits: A sophisticated build and design, Removable & an adjustable chair, Maneuverable and easy to use, Also features a responsive speed
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The highest weight support
BKC PK13 Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak
BKC PK13 Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak
  • Benefits: Easy to use & maneuverable, Stable and a balanced kayak, Pre-Installed storage chambers, Nicely handles up to 550 Pounds
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With a Durable build Quality
Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Fishing Kayak
Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Fishing Kayak
  • Benefits: A Phenomenal Pedal system, Handles up to 450 Pounds, Responsive and a stable vessel, Easy to maneuver and durable
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04 Best Pedal Drive Kayaks | Our Picks & Best Reviews

1. Perception Pescador Pilot 12

Perception Pescador Pilot 12

Perception captured the most precious spot of this list with their Pescador Pilot which is a launch in 2017. It is a bulky vessel with a weight of 85 Pounds. Mostly the best Pedal Drive Kayaks are designed in a bulky weight due to their exceptional strength and build quality. However, compared to many other Pedal Drive kayaks, Perception Pescador Pilot is still a rightly balanced angling vessel.

Pescador Pilot is made up of high quality and a solid plastic of Polyethylene that also provides scratchless support to some extent. This is a single-piece vessel to ensure productive and unbreakable coverage throughout your life with this kayak. Additionally, the pedal drive system is added with adjustable support to provide you with an efficient kayaking experience right out of the box.

Moving further towards its cabin which is the heart of any kayak. First of all, you will get a comfortable chair that features a lawn chair design. It is designed in a meshy back, so you can use this seating for all day and longer sessions without any problem or tension on your back. Plus, this seat also features a height adjustment.

Perception Pescador Pilot 12

To provide the kayakers with additional safety, this vessel is built in a single unit construction without any joints, so it won’t cause it to sink easily. Within the cabin, you will love its spacious design and enjoy both its front and rear spots. A carry bag is also given within the storage box to prevent any water splash on your gears.

Besides these things, this vessel comes with preloaded mountings and holders for your fishing rod and all necessary fishing gear. Overall, this is a maneuverable Pedal drive kayak with packed stability. This is designed to carry up to 475 pounds of weight without any problem at all.



Reason(s) to buy

  • Stable and a Safe Kayak
  • A spacious cabin design
  • Durable and comfortable
  • The well-positioned seating

Reason(s) not to buy

  • Not ideal for first-time users

2. Perception Crank 10 SOT Kayak

Perception Crank 10 SOT Kayak

Perception Crank is a very attractive addition to the Perception fleet for Pedal Drive kayaks which is a launch of 2019. This kayak weighs around 87 pounds which is slightly bulkier than Pescador of Perception right on top of this list. Considering this price, the vessel itself is designed properly in its controllable 10 feet length. If you are not okay with a 12 feet vessel, this could be your best choice in that case.

It is a one-piece construction of a durable quality due to its belonging to Perception Kayaks. This model has the same build design and caliber of construction as we had in the case of the Pescador Pilot. Likewise, this kayak itself is capable of handling up to 375 Pounds which is still a very good deal.

The crank comes loaded with an effective pedal drive system that is designed to provide safer yet efficient maneuverability on the water. This easy-to-use kayak is also supposed to give an outstanding speed without compromising stability due to its flat bottom and hull design.

Moreover, this 10 feet kayak is packed with rudder control as well. Rigid and sturdy handles are installed on both sides to ensure easy transportation. Within the cabin, you will love its nicely positioned and adjustable Chair which is of a meshy design. This seat isn’t just adjustable but removable as well.



Reason(s) to buy

  • A sophisticated build and design
  • Removable & an adjustable chair
  • Maneuverable and easy to use
  • Also features a responsive speed

Reason(s) not to buy

  • Rod Holders aren’t integrated here

3. BKC PK13 Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak

BKC PK13 Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak

BKC has been a growing brand for many years and they have nicely captured this Pedal Drive Kayak market. This specific PK13 kayak is a launch of 2020 and it is the lightest Pedal drive kayak currently on this list. It weighs 80 Pounds and this also comes in a variation of Red and Blue colors which both look attractive.

BKC incorporates the highest and a strong HDPE plastic to compose its strengthened structure. This also makes sure an impactful construction protects the vessel from scratches or minor accidents to provide you with better longevity. Likewise, the single-piece construction ensures a leak-proof design for kayakers.

For a safer and stable ride, PK13 by BKC is designed with a flat bottom to protect this vessel from getting flipped in the water. So, balance isn’t an issue in this kayak and you will love to see its maneuverability. Not just that, the frame of its seat is also quite stable as it is made up of aluminum so it won’t disturb your comfort.

As long as its seat is concerned, BKC adds an adjustable and comfortable seat in its PK13 that comes in a mesh design. The height is also nicely positioned giving you a strategic view of the water. Furthermore, it supports up to 550 pounds of weight to make it more compelling. All these things make it a very decent PD kayak.

Along with all these things, BKC PK13 comes packed with a reasonable amount of accessories which includes built-in rod holders, paddle parks, and cargo ties with a bit of other necessary stuff. Overall, this PK13 is an exceptional Pedal Drive kayak.



Reason(s) to buy

  • Easy to use & maneuverable
  • Stable and a balanced kayak
  • Pre-Installed storage chambers
  • Nicely handles up to 550 Pounds

Reason(s) not to buy

  • Could get a bit more responsive & speedy

4. Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Fishing Kayak

Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Fishing Kayak

Old Town is currently the final player for this mighty list of the best Pedal Drive Kayaks. We have got you with OT’s 106 Pedal Drive kayak, exclusively meant for fishing purposes. Old Town launched it back in 2018 and it is also a comparatively lightweight kayak on this list. However, you won’t get any size or color variation.

Old Town claims the best drive system in this kayak. Now, it is a great drive system as compared to BCK PK13. However, it isn’t the greatest or mightiest one at all. Still, this drive system is doing pretty great for this reasonable price. The system is quite responsive and it is also comparatively easy to use. It is a 10F long vessel that is a built-in single-piece construction for a leakproof experience.

Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Fishing Kayak

Now, if you are worried about its stability, you shouldn’t. Because it is now equipped with a double hull design that features a flat bottom for outstanding stability over the waters. Not only does it provide good stability, but it also assists in transportation due to an optimized bottom of it.

Along with these things, this durable kayak is meant to handle up to 450 Pounds without any doubt. The cabin itself isn’t quite spacious, but it comes with reasonable space and a storage tank to put all your essential gear there. This vessel is loaded with up to three dedicated rod holders that are positioned pretty nicely. Overall, the seat is also well-positioned, cushioned, and breathable.



Reason(s) to buy

  • A Phenomenal Pedal system
  • Handles up to 450 Pounds
  • Responsive and a stable vessel
  • Easy to maneuver and durable

Reason(s) not to buy

  • An expensive 10.5 Feet PD Kayak

04 Best Pedal Drive Kayaks | Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Pedal Drive Kayak?

Well, all these listed kayaks are already the best kayaks on their spots. Depending upon your taste and preferences, these kayaks would still match your expectations. If you want to be on the budget side, you should pick Perception Crank 10, for a durable kayak with optimal weight control, BKC PK13 Pedal and Old Town Topwater 106 PDL would ideally be the best match for you.

Why are Pedal Drive Kayaks expensive?

Due to the incorporation of a drive system and comparatively advanced engineering than the other vessels, these kayaks come for relatively expensive pricing. Along with this, the best PD kayaks feature a comfortable and supportive lawn chair to accommodate you decently. On top of these things, you will be having a bunch of storage areas in its wide and spacious cabin.

Wrapping Up the Best Pedal Drive Kayaks

Kayaking itself is an adventurous and joyful sport that people love to get closer to nature and relax their minds along with spending quality time with their families. To get the most out of this time, Pedal drive kayaks are designed to ensure a flawless, maneuverable, and smooth kayaking experience with these vessels.

Best Pedal drive kayaks come loaded with comfortable seating and a wide cockpit for a decent viewing experience. The flat bottom is meant to provide a stable ride over the Class 1 water with the ease of maneuverability. Along with many other positive features of Pedal Drive Kayaks, you will be having a memorable experience. Give this guide a skimmed look and grab your ideal match of a kayak.