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Best Fishing Kayak Brands in 2022 | All Good Fishing

Kayaking is a very fascinating outdoor sport for many of us, but finding out the best fishing kayak isn’t joyful at all, especially if you are planning to get your first ever water vessel. There are a plethora of kayak brands out there in the market that makes this task pretty overwhelming and critical to analyze.

For many of us, angling on a kayak is no more than fun (which is a very good habit by the way), but some anglers rely on this activity so they can feed their family. For that, they need a durable and sturdy vessel that would be a joy to put on the water as they can’t keep changing their vessel every season.

Due to the presence of so many brands in the water, sorting out the best fishing kayak brands seems impossible. But, this part can’t be neglected either. So, to get it done, we’ve come up with this dedicated guide on top fishing kayak brands that are worth your time and money.

All these brands on the guide are selected on specific criteria to ensure the best kayaks are on your radar. Normally, a fishing kayak comes for a wider and deep cabin as they are meant to provide you with the best possible stability and space to make your angling delightful. Likewise, you are supposed to get dedicated rod holders, storage compartments along with a range of some attachments as well.

Along with all these things, your preferences also matter especially when it comes to inflatable or hardshell angling kayaks. If you want something easy to carry, versatile, and lightweight vessel, inflatable kayaks are good for you. Otherwise, stick to hard kayaks as they could be used aggressively as well.

Best Fishing Kayak Brands & Top Fishing Kayaks At a Glance 

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Best Fishing Kayak Brands in 2022 | All Good Fishing

1. Pelican

Pelican Best Fishing Kayak Brands

We have got you with the Pelican kayaks right on top of the list. If you have been Kayaking for a while, you must have heard this name at least once. However, if you didn’t, let us make things clear and precise for you. Pelican Sports came into this industry back in 1968 and it has been more than 50 years ever since.

This Canadian manufacturer first won the heart of native citizens and later tried their luck across the border with their established headquarters in the SC with a passionate workforce to make some of the amazing vessels. Their design team is quite innovative and this makes them design their exclusive RAM-X material to be used across the line. This helped them to build a strong profile and reputation in the market. All these things come for an attractive price without overcharging.

For the RAM-X, this is sort of a layered plastic material that is designed to provide exceptional durability by incorporating multiple plastic layers. With this guy, you will be experiencing a lightweight and maneuverable kayak which is the best part of any Pelican kayak you pick. That kayak would be surely controllable.

Though their kayaks are pretty impactful as they don’t capture the impacts as such to provide a well-established surface throughout life. However, this isn’t up to mark for its under-budget kayaks. Here, Wilderness kayaks have an edge as you will be getting almost the same quality on every vessel.

Anyways, the build quality of these vessels is still exceptional as they are meant for the exact purpose. If you are in the running waters, Pelican is going to be the best choice for you. Likewise, you will find most of their vessels quite versatile in terms of a spacious cabin, strategic placement of seats along with things like portable storages, and dedicated spots for rod holders.

2. Perception


Perception is the next guy on this list of the best fishing kayak brands that doesn’t need any intro as such. Now, Perception is a bit newer brand as compared to Pelican, but they have come too far to give them a tough time in the market. The visual example of this is their Pescador which is in a direct clash with Pelican’s Sentinel Angler. Of course, this isn’t a comparison guide at all!

Let’s get back to the topic!

The story dates back almost to the ’70s when there was a rise in the trend of kayaking. Perception captured this trend so nicely and emerged as a trustworthy brand by making some of the most impressive vessels in their SC workhouse. They are still based in Greenville out there in South Carolina where you can have a visit.

If you are getting sick with your vessel that gets flipped at least once in a session, you would be surely looking for a kayak with decent stability. When it comes to stability, Perception is the second-best kayak manufacturer after Pelican to provide the best vessel, and that too for comparatively reasonable pricing.

To some extent, these kayaks are more on the side of beginners as they are often found problematic for stability and control over their vessel. Because expert and advanced kayakers can manage to get their kayak back to a stable position by putting a little bit of effort into that. However, Perception isn’t limited just to newcomers. The skillful anglers also find their kayaks pretty good at the water.

Along with all these things, Perception ensures a joyful ride with their vessels by providing nicely positioned seats that provide good comfort as well. You will get Perception in a wide range of colors, designs, shapes, and sizes to choose from as per your taste and requirements. Their vessels feature a durable single-piece construction!

3. Wilderness | Best Fishing Kayak Brands

Wilderness Best Fishing Kayak Brands

Wilderness Systems gives a close call to Perception as they both are of almost the same age dating back to the ‘80s. They have been producing quality kayaks for many water sports that include angling as well. Just like Pelican and Perception, Wilderness is also based in South Carolina as they got established back in 1986.

With the Wilderness kayaks, you will never argue on the build quality and especially on the strengths of your kayaks. Due to their highly impressive construction and build, their kayaks are preferred by many beginners and competent kayakers who are looking to get a good piece of a vessel at a reasonable price. Not just that, their kayaks are some of the fastest vessels.

You will get several kayaks of dozens of kinds including electric and paddle drive ones as well. If you want to experience angling and adventure on a single kayak, a pedal drive kayak would be sufficient. Otherwise, you can also pick the electric one as well that’s obviously on an expensive side than a Pedal drive fishing kayak.

Along with the satisfactory build quality, Wilderness ensures a compelling performance at the same time. For most of their angling kayaks, you are supposed to get a minimum load capacity of 300 lbs at least and a higher one is beyond your expectations. The vessels come both for singles as well as for a couple to sit inside.

Both sit on top and sit inside kayaks are also Wilderness’s production list and you can easily get the performing one just by checking them out at their stores. You might not find them so innovative, but their vessels still ensure a good experience. Moreover, Wilderness fishing kayaks are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and feature an average to a larger cabin area for the kayakers.

4. Ocean Kayaks

Ocean Kayaks

Pelican has finally got a competition concerning their age at least. Ocean Kayaks dates back to 1971 and they are the first brand on this list to be established in California. Before that, Pelican, Perception, and Wilderness all were based in South Carolina. Still, their vessels are reaching the corners of the world.

To be successful in any industry, a brand must need to figure out the loopholes and specific needs of consumers in that industry. Ocean Kayaks grabbed that nicely by targeting specifically Sit On Top kayaks as brands were usually making sit inside kayaks at that time. So, Ocean Kayaks can be considered as a Pioneer.

History aside and let’s dive into the present. Ocean Kayaks has built a very strong profile in the market and a good reputation in the heart of many kayakers. They are currently the largest manufacturer when it comes to Sit On Top Kayaks specifically. Their paddle drive models are also established quite well.

From rear to end, Ocean Kayaks are versatile, balanced, and seem maneuverable. You will get a durable shell so it will give you good longevity. The stability and spacious cabin both give an edge to Ocean Kayak to present a good selling point. Due to a Sit On Top design, you get a good viewpoint. However, the adjustability and portability of their seats make them prominent quite more.

Along with these things, the seats usually come quite supportive and their top-of-the-line variants feature breathable designs to prevent sweat. On the sides, you will get a dedicated spot for the cup and rod holders as well. Depending upon the model, you will be having an oversized tank and a maximum loading of 500 lbs.

5. Lifetime | Best Fishing Kayak Brands

Lifetime Best Fishing Kayak Brands

Lifetime is also a well-known brand in the kayaking industry to manufacture lightweight vessels in a budget range. They don’t just manufacture kayaks only, in fact, they are providing almost all sorts of accessories to be used while kayaking. Their kayaks are usually pretty simple in terms of design and use as well.

Lifetime also dates back to 1986 in Utah and they have captured the best spot of designing and launching budget-friendly kayaks. Most of the time, you will get kayaks for individuals, but they are quite versatile and there is no doubt about it. Preferably, these Lifetime vessels are the best ones for beginner kayakers.

Lifetime fleet comes mostly in Sit Inside and Sit On Top kayaks with the paddle drive mechanism. If you have got a kid who’s taking interest in kayaking, you can gift him or her a Lifetime kayak on an upcoming birthday. From a budget, performance, and durability perspective, these kayaks are quite interesting.

However, you won’t get a spacious cabin in most of its kayaks which could be a breaking point for experienced kayakers. As long as beginners are concerned, this would not be a big deal as they are not supposed to have a lot of luggage along with them. If this is the case, you can opt for Wilderness as a budget alternative.

6. Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle is the last but not the least contestant on this mighty list of the best fishing kayak brands. Not a single brand can beat Sea Eagle when it comes to inflatable kayaks of any kind as they have mastered and marketed themselves as an inflatable kayak manufacturer. They started this brand back in 1968 in NY.

Their inflatable kayaks are world-renowned and they have been an international level manufacturer for this specific category. Inflatable kayaks are pretty good if you are having limited space on your couch. Though they are a bit sensitive to handling, their compact design still gives them a significant edge over the others.

These easy-to-carry kayaks are pretty easy to handle and their build quality is never compromised at all. Sea Eagle kayaks feature vessels with responsive valves to ensure an easy setup. Transportation is also not a big deal at all, unlike hard shell kayaks that need dedicated anchors and a trolley system to bring them.

Wrapping Up the Best Fishing Kayak Brands!

If you are planning to get on to water to grab some fresh pieces of fish for your dinner, you will be very enjoying this voyage. However, if your kayak isn’t a top class or you are looking to find out which are the best fishing kayak brands in the market, you will fall in love with your next trip!

With the right kayak of the right brand under you, you will be getting a versatile and maneuverable edge on your vessel without worrying about anything. As there are too many brands out there for the kayak, picking out the exact and the best brand becomes a challenge.

To get out of it, we’ve provided the best solution! All these brands here feature amazing performance and superior quality at a fairly attractive price. So, you don’t even need to invest several thousand bucks into that. Give this guide a skimmed look and thank us later. Believe us, you won’t regret it!