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Best Fishing Kayak Accessories for Anglers in 2023 | All Good Fishing

A delightful fishing experience is a dream of every single angler out there no matter what skills he has got. Whether you are a beginner or a professional kayaker, having an impressive kayaking experience is your right. If you are out there in the water with your ultra-stable and maneuverable kayak, you have plenty of joy. But, you can make it even more impressive.

Best Fishing Kayak Accessories

For that, you need to get the right gear in your kayak or you can simply call them fishing kayak accessories. Again, there are 100s of options available in the name of accessories for anglers but analyzing them one by one is a headache. You only need a couple of things to have in your vessel for a good fishing trip out there. We have made a list of the best fishing kayak accessories that you should have.

Which Fishing Kayak Accessories Do You Need?

Well, you first need to take a look at your requirements and then turn your sight to the kayak as well. After analyzing your needs, you just need to make sure whether those specific accessories would work in your vessel or not? If your kayak is capable of holding them, you should opt for that. Otherwise, you should take a look at its alternative as you would never buy another kayak just for that thing.

Start by checking the size of your kayak both from the outside as well as from the inside of it. First of all, if you have picked the right fishing kayak, it must have come with some accessories like fishing rods and pedal sort of things that you don’t need to purchase once again. Depending on the nature, dimension, quality, and performance of your kayak, some accessories may or may not be meant for you.

After that, make sure your gear and kayak accessories are durable, and having some water-resistant stuff is a plus point. Or, we would recommend having waterproof gear or accessories along with you. So, the water won’t damage those things. Let’s dive deeper into this list of the best fishing kayak accessories.

17 Best Fishing Kayak Accessories for Anglers | Our Best Picks

1. Kayak Hatch

Kayak Hatch

Well, there is no rule of thumb to follow this guide in order to know which thing you need to get installed in your vessel step by step. Instead, you can simply skim through this list and get what you want, and put it in your vessel right away.

Starting from the Kayak hatch, which is a compact but some of the most important things to have in your kayak. A hatch is sort of a storage compartment with plastic yet durable outer body and a waterproof bag installed inside of it. In some cases, there is a box instead of a bag inside of it, but both work great.

Kayak Hatch

Design-wise, Anndason’s Hatch is portable, more effective, and comes for a reasonable price. This hatch has a diameter of a couple of inches to put things inside. You can use these hatches for your important gears like smartphones, smartwatches, devices, camera lens sort of things to protect them from water. This is an easy-to-install hatch and takes almost zero time and effort with screws.

2. Rod Holders

Rod Holders

Yup, rod holders are also some of the important accessories for anglers and kayakers. Well, this thing is nowadays available in almost every second fishing or recreational kayak that omits the need for a separate installation. However, if you are not a big fan of those rod holders due to their mediocre lifespan, you should then upgrade to a high-quality set of rod holders for both sides.

These rod holders are easy to install and the best part is their adjustability which is a missing thing in mostly pre-installed rod holders. Plussino has designed this guy in a 360° swivel adjustment so you can put your rods in any direction. The anti-rust frame provides you with good longevity and its clamp also works smoothly.

3. Kayak Paddles

Kayak Paddles

Here comes another great thing for kayakers. Without the best and most lightweight paddles, you will always struggle pushing your kayak no matter how maneuverable your vessel is by default. Design-wise, there are a lot of things even in these paddles depending upon their sizing, design, usage, and material sort of things. However, you should get a lightweight and inflatable paddle for your kayak.

Kayak Paddles

These specific pedals are designed in a two-piece construction to provide you with better storage without compromising on their build quality or performance. Three-phase locking and aluminum shaft make them easy to maneuver and control even for beginner kayakers. Also, these guys don’t sink in the water for your safety.

4. Fish Finders | Best Fishing Kayak Accessories

Fish Finders

Although you should not take your electronic devices on your kayaks for a day out, fish finders are the only device that should be along with you. This impressive device is so productive and helpful, especially for anglers. A fish finder is a device that is used to locate, track and find fish from under the water. This makes fishing joyful and targeted as you don’t need to waste time locating the fish.

These fish finders work on high-frequency sonar scanning and picture the objects under the water on an LCD screen in front of you. Some advanced fish finders are smart enough to track hidden fishes and they even expose your lures under the water to provide you an even better tracking. These are supposed to work up to 350 feet under the water to bring you out the fish for dinner.

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5. Kayak Anchors

Kayak Anchors

Expanding this list of the best fishing kayak accessories and we have got you with the anchors for kayaks. You can’t decide the magnitude of tides and waves but nature itself. However, you need to take control of your kayak even if you aren’t physically sitting inside of it. Here, Kayak anchors are meant for you.

These anchors don’t let your kayak from drifting so you can peacefully stand within a specific range and you no longer need to keep adjusting your kayak under the water. Now, enjoy that time with your fishing and hunt some fish for us also. This 4lbs folding anchor is more than enough for your requirements.

It comes with a durable anchor and a durable rope of around 25 feet in length to go under the water. Moreover, this entire thing comes in a waterproof pack that also protects your vessel from scratches. Overall, it is easy to use and easy to store.

6. Kayak Trolleys / Cart

Kayak Trolleys  Cart

Kayak works on water but they can’t run on the roads, highways, or any other part of the earth except for the water bodies. Nor, you can pick them up in your hands to transport them from here and there. So, you need something that would help you in the safe and scratchless transportation of your kayaks.

A kayak trolley or a cart is meant for these things. This is usually composed of two wheels that are mostly tubeless and puncture-free. It is a helpful machine to take your kayak from your home to the water without damaging its base or hull at all. Just like anything else, kayak carts also come in a couple of types and variations.

Kayak Trolleys Cart

If you want to manually take your vessel to the water, the Canoe trolley cart works there as well, and that too nicely. Or, if you want to take your kayaks on your trucks, you may need some extensions as well. However, make sure you know everything, and don’t forget to take a look at this kayak transportation guide.

7. Storage Rack | Fishing Kayak Accessories

Storage Rack

Besides technical things, you need some other accessories for your convenience inside the cabin of your kayaks as you will be spending most of your time there. For good housekeeping, you should never miss getting some storage boxes for your kayaks. Now, these racks could be both static and adjustable as well that all depends on your personal needs and your kayak of course.

Storage racks are a set of a couple of metallic bars with some insulation on them to hang or put anything of that size into. You can keep any of your supplies, canoes, garage stuff, or anything you think should be there. They are easy to assemble and the metallic frame adds tremendous durability to their structure.

8. Cooler Box / Crate for Kayak

Cooler Box Crate for Kayak

If you are planning to spend a major portion of your day in the vessel, you need some party stuff as well just like I do. You can’t miss your hands from drinks, beverages, and snacks along with some meals if you have already prepared them. These crates themselves provide more than enough space for storage that sometimes skims the need for a separate storage box.

But, if you are limited on budget, you should go for a storage rack only if storage is your main concern. With the crate, you get a cool box which isn’t literally a cooler itself but is used to maintain the temperature of beverages and drinks. Adding some solid ice would make things even more settled.

Wilderness’s Crate also features rod holder support and you would not need to get special holders in this case. The crate itself is water-resistant and has a capacity of around 29 liters. Overall, it is built nicely and quite durably.

9. Seat Covers & Pads

Seat Covers & Pads

Fishing in winter and spring is more satisfying than fishing in summer. However, if you have planned your fishing for summer, you should take some steps to protect yourself from sunshine and extreme heat. But, you should never skip the seat covers. Your seat covers should be perforated and breathable so they won’t feel like a fire in case of sweating. You will surely feel some change.

Seat Covers & Pads

Other than this, you should also consider replacing the seat pad or getting a new one if you aren’t having it. With these low back seat pads on your back, you will get a comfortable, supportive, and well-cushioned feel on your back that would allow you better productivity for longer seating. The weather will also not affect it!

10. Lifejackets | Fishing Accessories


Imagine having a kayak worth $1000 just for having fun and not having a life jacket that would protect you from any uncertainty? You should never risk your life and must get a life jacket to wear when having a seat on your kayak no matter if you are fishing or not. Life jackets are now comfortable and they aren’t annoying at all.

This specific life jacket from NRS is designed with durable material so weather and water don’t affect its performance or life at any point. NRS made it in a couple of sizes and you can pick as per your chest and waist. Moreover, you will also get a reasonable amount of zipped pockets for storing things in that.

11. Safety Warning Flags

Safety Warning Flags

Well, you would be a heavy or a professional kayaker but you are still at risk of facing someone else’s mistake. And, this usually comes when you are parking your vessel and that too in a rush or traffic. In any case, you need to have some warning signs or flags for your and other kayaks out there in the water to avoid any damage and further chaos. Because prevention is always better than cure!

Warning flags are mostly red or orange shades as these two colors are easy to identify even if you are at a significant distance from that thing. Kayak safety flags are mostly waterproof and their mesh design prevents them from over-vibration. Moreover, these colors don’t fade and they are not easy to tear or break.

12. Bilge Pump | Best Kayak Accessories

Bilge Pump

As far as you fell into the water, we are assuming that you would be smart enough to get back into the kayak. Well, what if the water itself comes into your vessel? What would you do? How would you get rid of that water to protect your entire vessel from getting drowned in the water? Just sit back and don’t get panicked!

We have got you with the Bilge Pump that is going to do the same job in such a situation and that too effectively and safely. This tiny, cheap yet very effective device can save your ass from water in a couple of minutes! It is composed of a pump that sucks the water from the floor and then you can throw it back into the water stream. Also, it is portable, lightweight and it is waterproof itself!

13. SunShades / Polarized Sunglasses

SunShades Polarized Sunglasses

A shiny day out there on the water with your kayak is very relaxing but not for everyone. If you are not a big fan of excessive sun shines, you should simply get your hands on polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes and vision from sunlight and its reflection from the water. Polarized Sunglasses are a cheap and effective way.

14. Fish Net | Fishing Kayak Accessories for Anglers

Fish Net

Catching a lot of fish is an ideal goal for every single angler out there but some people just do it for fun instead of a business. Their dinner is the only business they look to mind. And, some of them are just practicing how to catch fish. Once your lure catches a fish and you pull it up it sometimes gets out of your hands and goes back to water which is a very painful thing for some of you guys.

So, you need something like a fishing net to keep that fish along with you. With a landing net for fish, you increase the chance of actually catching the fish instead of mistakenly throwing it back into the water. This simple thing doesn’t need any explanation of ours. However, you should not miss this net out!

15. Kayak GPS

Kayak GPS

Although, we have already discussed Fishfinders and you can also find fish finders with integrated GPS in them. But, if you are not planning to get a fish finder or you only need a GPS, we are here once again! With the GPS integrated into your kayak, you would be able to explore nearby water bodies as well. They are usually cheaper than the fish finder itself and work quite decently along with precision.

16. Measuring Scales | Fishing Accessories

Measuring Scales

When you are on the water on your way to catch fish, the big moment of surprise and joy is when you catch a large boy from the water. Now, you should also take a look at its size, dimensions, and its weight. For that, you need a measuring scale so you can sort things out on the spot. However, if you don’t have space, you can simply skip this if you want and the choice is always yours!

17. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Besides all these things and your joyfulness, you should also take a look at your safety or the people around you when you are in the kayak. Usually, a first aid kit should be always in your house but you should also take it for your kayaking as well. So, you can tackle things in case of emergency instead of getting panicked.

Your first aid kit should contain some adhesive bandages, spirit, Antibiotics, pads, gloves, wraps, first-aid tapes, cleansers, or antiseptics. So, you don’t have to look at each of them in the case of an emergency and you can simply sort out minor injuries. A First Aid kit for kayaking should also be waterproof and compact.