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Best Baitcasting Reels of 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

When it comes to casting large lures and targeting big game fish, anglers will most likely choose baitcasting reels over spinning reels. If you are one of the anglers who like to cast large lures and catch big fishes without difficulty, you need the baitcasters. However, learning baitcasters is not as simple as spinning reels. To be more precise, baitcasting reels require hours of practice. Beginners find it quite challenging to learn and use these, but they enjoy fishing once they understand it.

Best Baitcasting Reels

Today’s modern market offers a wide variety of baitcasting reels. Choosing the product that suits your fishing conditions becomes very difficult when the number of products is on a bull run. The wide variety often confuses experienced players, and sometimes they choose the wrong product. We’ve listed some top rated baitcasting reels and included a buying guide in this article to help you. We’ve also researched and collected data about the best baitcasting reels that will guide you buy one of the quality baitcasting reels. Without further ado, let’s begin reading.

Why a Baitcasting Reel?

Baitcasters are loaded with some excellent features. These reels allow you to cast large lures that are not possible with spinning reels. Due to this reason, baitcasting reels require high skills and experience. Even more, these reels can help you launch a lure further than any spinning reel because the line flows directly straight off the spool. 

How Did We Choose These Best Baitcast Reels?

We collected review data for the best baitcasters reviews section from both the online and physical markets, noted down the angler’s thoughts, evaluated the alternative reels, and chose the top eleven baitcasting reels. There are so many baitcasting reels available in the market but these reels fit our standards. Without wasting more time, let’s start the reviews. 

Best Eleven Baitcasting Reels of 2022

These are our top recommendations for the best baitcasting reels of 2022:

Best Overall
Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel
Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel
  • Benefits: Low Profile and great design, Excellent Drag, Powerful and fast, Smooth and Excellent performance, Fast retrieve, Perfect spool capacity
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Lever Drag Reel
Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel
Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel
  • Benefits: Lightweight and Robust, Smooth and Durable, Corrosion-resistant and powerful, Ergonomic design, Crafted beautifully, Smooth performance, User friendly.
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Fishing Concept Z
13 Fishing Concept Z Baitcasting Reel
13 Fishing Concept Z Baitcasting Reel
  • Benefits: Ultra lightweight, Not only smooth but also powerful, Better durability due to aluminum, Bulldog Drag system, Cast further, Eye-catching design and color
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Royale Legend GT
KastKing Royale Legend GT Baitcasting Reel
KastKing Royale Legend GT Baitcasting Reel
  • Benefits: Best budget baitcasting reel, Features high speed, Smooth performance, Magnetic braking system
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Carbon Baitcasting Reel
Piscifun Phantom Baitcasting Reel
Piscifun Phantom Baitcasting Reel
  • Benefits: Ultra Lightweight, Easy to use, Powerful and Smooth, Dual Brake System, Long-lasting reel
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Garcia Revo SX
Abu Garcia Revo SX Baitcasting Reel
Abu Garcia Revo SX Baitcasting Reel
  • Benefits: Elegant design and constructed by quality material, Powerful and fast, Smooth performance, Long-lasting product, Equally important, the reel features Ti coating
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Spartacus Baitcasting Reel
KastKing Spartacus Baitcasting Reel
KastKing Spartacus Baitcasting Reel
  • Benefits: Affordable, Corrosion-resistant, Strong and durable, Fast and smooth, Great value for money product
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Torrent Baitcasting Reel
Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel
Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel
  • Benefits: Affordable, Not only smooth but also durable, Fast and Powerful, Unique and Robust design, Lightweight and Corrosion-resistant
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Speed Spool LFS
Lew’s Speed Spool LFS Baitcasting Reel
Lew’s Speed Spool LFS Baitcasting Reel
  • Benefits: Strong and Durable, Long Stock Handle, Aluminum Frame, Lightweight and Smooth, Powerful and Value providing product, Best baitcaster for bass fishing
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SLX Baitcasting Reel
Shimano SLX Baitcasting Reel
Shimano SLX Baitcasting Reel
  • Benefits: Hagane body for durability and strength, Comfortable and Robust, Great value for money product, The reel can target Big fish easily, Lightweight reel, Smooth performance
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XT Low Profile Reel
Pflueger President XT Baitcasting Reel
Pflueger President XT Baitcasting Reel
  • Benefits: Aluminum frame, Lightweight and compact reel, Smooth and powerful, Decent drag, A long-lasting reel, Saltwater king
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Top Rated Baitcasting Reels: 

We want you to add high end baitcasting reels to your equipment box and for this purpose, we’ve chosen the top rated baitcasting reels of the market. This article will provide you details about the best baitcasters to help you choose a perfect reel. A perfect reel for you is the one that suits your fishing conditions. Let’s hope you find what you’re looking for.

1. Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile – Best Baitcasting Reel

Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile

Our first pick is Abu Garcia’s Pro Max Low Profile baitcasting reel due to its unique features. Abu Garcia has a reputation for making the best baitcasting reels. The reel manufacturing giant’s Pro Max satisfied lots of customers in terms of durability and performance.  


ModelPreferred Hand Mono Capacity(YD\LB)Bearing CountWeightMax DragGear RatioRetrieve Rate
PMAX3-LLeft 145/1287.3018lbs7.1:129” | 74cm
PMAX3Right145/1287.3018lbs7.1:129” | 74cm

Body and Material:

Without a doubt, Pro Max is one of the most popular baitcasting reels available in the market. This reel’s body is made of graphite, while the reel handle and spool are constructed of aluminum.


Pro Max is a lightweight reel and works perfectly with a good rod. Besides, this is a compact reel that not only sits low on the rod but also fits perfectly to allow an angler to work non-stop without causing trouble. 

Drag System: 

The reel also has a Power Disk drag system. The Power Disk drag system, unlike many competitors, offers a maximum drag of 18 lbs which is relatively better. Power Disk is one of the best drag systems installed in baitcasting reels. 

Gear Ratio and Line Retrieval: 

Pro Max Low Profile also provides a gear ratio of 7.1:1 which provides excellent speed. Even more, the reel offers a line retrieval rate of 29” per turn of the handle which is quite excellent.


Overall, the design, construction, and features of Pro Max make it the best baitcasting reel. More importantly, Pro Max is user-friendly. That means it is easy to operate as well as provides excellent value without costing you much money. 



Reason(s) to buy

  • Low Profile and great design
  • Excellent Drag
  • Powerful and fast 
  • Smooth and Excellent performance
  • Fast retrieve 
  • Perfect spool capacity

Reason(s) not to buy

  • It doesn’t offer massive power.

2. Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel

Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel

Nobody in the world will expect a list of best baitcasting reels without including the so-called champion Penn’s Squall Lever Drag reel. It is pretty impossible to ignore this reel because it is one of the best and top rated baitcasting reels. What this can do is pretty impressive. 


ModelPreferred Hand Mono Capacity(YD\LB)Bearing CountWeightMax DragGear RatioRetrieve rate
SQL30LDRight 390/20618.2 oz13lbs6.1:137″ | 94cm
SQL40LDRight490/25620.9 oz20lbs5.1:137″ | 94cm
SQL50LDRight 500/30627.4 oz27lbs4.3:135″ | 89cm
SQL60LDRight500/40628.1 oz33lbs4.3:135″ | 89cm
SQL40LDLHLeft490/25620.9 oz20lbs5.1:137″ | 94cm
SQL60LDLHLeft 500/40628.1 oz33lbs4.3:135″ | 89cm


Penn Squall has a classic and impressive ergonomic design that is, on the one hand, suitable for versatile grips and, on the other hand, comfortable. The design of the reel is lovely. It really has an eye-catching effect. 

Body and Weight: 

All Penn Squall Lever Drag models are constructed with graphite which makes it a lightweight reel. In addition, the forged aluminum spool offers line capacity rings. It also offers a large stainless steel main gear and stainless steel pinion that performs better than others.

Drag and Line Capacity Ring: 

The reel features dura drag. Penn Squall Lever has line capacity rings installed in it that show angler when the spool line is at 1\3, 2\3, or full. This feature makes fishing just like playing the bowl. 

Some Unique Features: 

Furthermore, the product also features switch blade harness lugs. These lugs pop up when they are needed but they can be pushed back down. The reel also offers a three-position clicker. The clicker is used to switch between heavier or lighter settings depending upon the anglers’ desire. In the meantime, It can be off, intermediate, or full depending upon what the angler wants. 

Preferred Hand and Others: 

As a matter of fact, Penn Squall Lever Drag is many the angler’s favorites because it is effortless to use, and it also allows an angler to switch between heavier and lighter settings. Most importantly, the reel is available for both left and right-handed anglers and in four different sizes. 



Reason(s) to buy

  • Lightweight and Robust
  • Smooth and Durable
  • Corrosion-resistant and powerful
  • Ergonomic design
  • Crafted beautifully  
  • Smooth performance
  • User friendly

Reason(s) not to buy

  • The clicker system is hard to learn.
  • Reel requires frequent oiling and cleaning.

3. 13 Fishing Concept Z Baitcasting Reel

13 Fishing Concept Z Baitcasting Reel

Many people have been talking about 13 fishing’s new “orange reel” called Concept Z. Z in the name stands for Zero which indicates the number of ball bearings this reel offers. All the features, innovation, and responses of the users make this reel one of the top rated baitcasting reels.


ModelPreferred HandGear RatioMax DragWeightLine Capacity(lb/yd)Ball BearingsRetrieve rate
Z7.3Right7.3:122lbs6.2 oz12/135028.9”
Z8.1Right8.1:122lbs6.2 oz12/135032”
Z7.3-LLeft7.3:122lbs6.2 oz12/135028.9”

Design and Material:

Firstly, 13 Fishing’s Concept Z has a low profile design and is constructed with aluminum. We all know that aluminum reels are more durable and smoother. So is Concept Z. Additionally, the aluminum body is then coated with bright orange to protect it.

Concept Zero Bearings: 

13 fishing’s Concept Z features CZB technology which stands for concept zero bearings. The CZB technology eliminates a lot of weight of steel bearings, unlike almost all of the competitive reels. 

Weight and Durability: 

The CZB technology makes this reel ultra-lightweight. Besides, both the frame and gear side plates of the reel are made up of aluminum. As a result, the reel is not just light but also durable and robust.

Drag System:

Concept Z also offers a Bulldog drag system. This Drag System is better than many others. Also, the reel provides a maximum 22 lbs drag which is fantastic at this price range.

EVA Handle Knobs: 

Even more, concept Z features EVA handles knobs. Another great feature of this reels is that it offers Japanese Hamai cut gearing that is accurate and makes the reel’s performance smooth. 

Available Sizes and Gear Ratios:

Different models of this reel come with varying gear ratios to add quality service. As I have said, Z6.6-RH, Z7.3-RH, Z8.1-LH, and Z7.3-LH are four other Concept Zero models where RH and LH stand for Right-handed and Left-handed while 6.6 means 6.6:1. 

In a word, this reel is a thousand times better and more innovative than almost all of the competitive products. This baitcasting reel is worth every penny. 



Reason(s) to buy

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Not only smooth but also powerful
  • Better durability due to aluminum
  • Bulldog Drag system
  • Cast further
  • Eye-catching design and color

Reason(s) not to buy

  • The whirring sound when anglers cast
  • No traditional ball bearings

4. KastKing Royale Legend GT Baitcasting Reel

KastKing Royale Legend GT Baitcasting Reels

It is tough to write anything about fishing products without mentioning KastKing and their great value providing products. In fact, KastKing’s Royale Legend GT is occasionally considered one of the most valuable providing baitcaster of the time. 


ModelGear RatioWeightPreferred HandLine Capacity(lb/yds)Max DragBall Bearings
KRL2-72RGT7.2:17.2 ozRight40/13017lbs5+1
KRL2-72LGT7.2:17.2 ozLeft40/13017lbs5+1

Design and Material: 

As can be noted, the reel has a lovely low profile design. Just like a lot of its competitors, it is also made up of graphite. Royale Legend GT is not only a lightweight reel but it is also smooth. 

Gear Ratio: 

KastKing Royale Legend offers a gear ratio of 7.2:1 which makes it not just fast but one of the fastest at this price range. You don’t find this good reel at this price range everyday. 

Ball Bearings: 

This reel also offers quality smoothness due to its 5+1 ball bearings. Moreover, this reel features a magnetic braking system. Unlike many reels of the same price range, this product offers a quality drag up to 17-18 lbs. 

Perfect all-rounder:

KastKing Royale Legend GT is an all-rounder suitable for not only beginners but also experts. The features this reel offers at its price range are unique. These features are improbable to be seen in any other baitcasting reel.



Reason(s) to buy

  • Best budget baitcasting reel
  • Features high speed
  • Smooth performance
  • Magnetic braking system

Reason(s) not to buy

  • Not much Durable

5. Piscifun Phantom Baitcasting Reel

Piscifun Phantom Baitcasting Reel

Our next Stop is Piscifun’s best baitcaster which satisfies a large number of the target market and it is Phantom. Phantom is similarly one of the best baitcasting reels of this time. In other words, the Product is famous in the market for the value it provides at its price range. 


ModelGear RatioPreferred HandBall BearingsMax DragWeightMaterial
Ph-RH7.0:1Right6+117lbs5.78 ozCarbon
Ph-LH7.0:1Left6+117lbs5.78 ozCarbon

Design and Weight:

The reel has an excellent ergonomic design. Besides, Phantom is a lightweight but robust reel. Unlike many reels, the reel’s weight is equally distributed.

Gear Ratio and Ball Bearings: 

In addition, this reel offers 7.0:1 gear ratio. The reel is powerful and it also provides accurate casting. Together with all features, it also provides 6+1 Ball bearings. As a result, the reel works smoother. 

Drag and Brake System:

Piscifun Phantom provides a decent drag up to 17 lbs. Therefore, this reel is powerful, smooth, fast, and comfortable. Phantom also features a dual brake. It offers a magnetic brake system as well as a centrifugal brake. 



Reason(s) to buy

  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful and Smooth
  • Dual Brake System
  • Long-lasting reel

Reason(s) not to buy

  • Hard to learn
  • Noisy

6. Abu Garcia Revo SX Baitcasting Reel

Abu Garcia Revo SX Baitcasting Reel

Abu Garcia is maintaining its brand name by providing the best baitcasters. Revo SX Low profile baitcasting reel is one fine example of Abu Garcia’s brilliance. The best baitcasting reel is adding lots of points to the company’s brand name by providing quality at a reasonable price and innovations. 


ModelBall BearingsWeightGear RatioMax DragPreferred Hand  Line CapacityRetrieve Rate
Revo4 SX107.8 oz6.6:124lb | 10.8kgRight190/2027″ | 69cm
Revo4 SX-L107.8 oz6.6:124lb | 10.8kgLeft190/2027″ | 69cm
Revo4 SX-HS107.8 oz7.3:124lb | 10.8kgRight190/2030″ | 76cm
Revo4 SX-HS-L107.8 oz7.3:124lb | 10.8kgLeft190/2030″ | 76cm

Design and weight:

The reel has a low profile design. Unlike many of its competitors, most of its part is created by c6 carbon. It is constructed by quality lightweight material to make it better corrosion-resistant. On top of that, it stands for every kind of abuse. 

Durability and Ball Bearings: 

The durability and performance of this reel are more than just outstanding. Its 9+1 ball bearings add a lot of smoothness to this reel’s workings. 

Brake System: 

The product also features a dual braking system, centrifugal and magnetic braking system. This unique feature makes the reel impressive and one of the best baitcasters of the time. 

Models and Gear Ratio:

It comes in two models having gear ratios of 6.6:1 and 7.3:1. Revo SX is equipped with Duragear brass gear for extended gear life. Equally important, the reel features Ti coating on the line guide that, on the one hand, reduces friction and, on the other, adds a lot of quality to the reel. 



Reason(s) to buy

  • Elegant design and constructed by quality material
  • Powerful and fast
  • Smooth performance
  • Long-lasting product
  • Equally important, the reel features Ti coating

Reason(s) not to buy

  • The reel is Difficult to use
  • Cumbersome Reel because it features so much

7. KastKing Spartacus Baitcasting Reel

KastKing Spartacus Baitcasting Reel

KastKing has been providing so much value to the customers that mentioning just one product of the company simply cannot complete the list. Spartacus is another one of the top rated baitcasting reels. This product is satisfying more customers than many others and is one of the best baitcaster reels.


ModelGear RatioPreferred HandBall BearingsLine Capacity(lb/yds)WeightMax DragColor
KS-63RGN6.3:1Right 11+110/1257.4 oz17.7 lbsGreen
KS-63LGN6.3:1Left11+110/1257.4 oz17.7 lbsGreen
KS-63RRE6.3:1Right11+110/1257.4 oz17.7 lbsRed
KS-63LRE6.3:1Left11+110/1257.4 oz17.7 lbsRed
KS-63RSF6.3:1Right11+110/1257.4 oz17.7 lbsBlue
KS-63RSI6.3:1Right 11+110/1257.4 oz17.7 lbsSilver
KS-63LSI6.3:1Left11+110/1257.4 oz17.7 lbsSilver

Body and Durability:

Spartacus Baitcasting reel has not only a healthy graphite body but also a CNC machined aluminum spool. This feature makes the reel long lasting and strong.

Gear Ratio and Ball Bearings:

KastKing Spartacus offers a 6.3:1 gear ratio and 11+1 ball bearings to make its performance fast and smooth. The reel is untouchable with these features. 

Brake System and Handle: 

Meanwhile, the product also features a dual brake system. Centrifugal and magnetic brake systems. The rubber cork handle makes the reel more comfortable. Spartacus is available for both left and right-handed anglers. 



Reason(s) to buy

  • Affordable 
  • Corrosion-resistant 
  • Strong and durable
  • Fast and smooth
  • Great value for money product

Reason(s) not to buy

  • Not easy to use for beginners.

8. Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel

It’s time to add Piscifun torrent to our list. This reel is the choice of many anglers. Piscifun’s torrent made an excellent reputation for satisfying a considerable sum of customers and is considered one of the best baitcast reels.


ModelPreferred HandBall BearingsGear RatioLine Capacity(lb/yd)Max DragWeightRetrieve
PT-7RRight 5+17.1:130/12018 lbs8.0 oz30” | 76cm
PT-7LLeft5+17.1:130/12018 lbs8.0 oz30” | 76cm
PT-5RRight5+15.3:130/14518 lbs8.0 oz22.8” | 58cm
PT-5LLeft5+15.3:130/14518 lbs8.0 oz22.8” | 58cm

Design and Body:

Piscifun Torrent is a considerable upgrade with a unique and precious design. Torrent features a graphite body due that makes it a lightweight reel. People who like using lightweight reels should give it a go. 

Gear Ratio:

Torrent offers a 7.1:1 gear ratio. The CNC brass gear system, unlike many reels, is precision-cut and offers stainless steel springs which make the reel not only durable but also makes its workings fast.

Ball Bearings and Brake System: 

Torrent also features 5+1 ball bearings. This feature makes its performance smooth and fast. In addition, the product has a magnetic braking system and an aluminum spool. Torrent features a decent drag up to 18 lbs. 

Preferred Hand: 

The product is available for both left and right-handed anglers. Generally speaking, It motivates a lot of anglers who cannot afford to buy a hundred-dollar reel. 



Reason(s) to buy

  • Affordable
  • Not only smooth but also durable
  • Fast and Powerful
  • Unique and Robust design
  • Lightweight and Corrosion-resistant

Reason(s) not to buy

  • In contrast, the reel lacks ball bearings. 

9. Lew’s Speed Spool LFS Baitcasting Reel

Lew’s Speed Spool LFS Baitcasting Reel

Lew’s is one of the leading brands in manufacturing baitcasting reels. In a word, they deliver some quality baitcasters to the market. Lew’s are sensibly holding a great position of satisfying a large sum of anglers. As I have noted, one of their popular and value providing products is the Speed Spool LFS baitcasting reel.


ModelGear RatioBall BearingsPreferred HandLine Capacity(Test/yd)Weight

Body and Design: 

As mentioned earlier, Speed Spool LFS is another excellent value for money product of Lew’s. This product has a nice and compact body and an aluminum frame with brass gears that ensure its durability. Besides, the reel’s pinion gear is supported by a bearing on the sides. As a result, retrieving becomes smoother.

Models and Gear Ratio: 

Moreover, the reel comes in two models, the first model featuring 6.3:1 and the second model featuring 5.6:1 gear ratio. Featuring different models with different gear ratios is great. You get to choose a suitable baitcasting reel. 

Ball Bearings and Drag: 

Speed Spool LFS also offers 9+1 ball bearings. Therefore, the reel works smoother and faster. This reel is powerful enough to target big fishes without any problems. It also provides a maximum drag of 15lbs. 

Angler’s Choice: 

Another critical point, Lew’s Speed Spool LFS baitcasting is Lew’s best selling reel. It satisfied a massive sum of people and is still a part of many angler’s arsenals due to its features. On the whole, we can call it “the best hundred dollar reel” available in the market. The reel is the best baitcaster for bass fishing.



Reason(s) to buy

  • Strong and Durable
  • Long Stock Handle
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Lightweight and Smooth
  • Powerful and Value providing product
  • Best baitcaster for bass fishing

Reason(s) not to buy

  • No low-speed option for left hand retrieve

10. Shimano SLX Baitcasting Reel

Shimano SLX Baitcasting Reel

Next on our list is a product of another reel manufacturing leader of the market and that is Shimano’s SLX baitcasting reel. This reel made a competition of mid-price-range reel heated up as it provides excellent quality and serves its master in every way possible. 


ModelsPreferred HandGear RatioBall BearingsLine Capacity(yds/lb)Max DragWeight
SLX150Right6.3:13+1150/2012.12 lbs6.8 oz
SLX150-HGRight7.2:13+1150/2011 lbs6.8 oz
SLX151-HGLeft7.2:13+1150/2011 lbs6.8 oz
SLX150-DRight6.3:14+1150/2012.12 lbs7.5 oz
SLX150-HGDRight7.2:14+1150/2011 lbs7.5 oz
SXLDC-XGDRight8.2:14+1150/2011 lbs7.5 oz
SLXDC151-HGLeft6.3:13+1150/2012.12 lbs6.8 oz

Design and Comfort: 

Until now, Shimano SLX is perfect in every way. Above all, It holds the honor of rewarding the vast majority. SLX has a stunning ergonomic design and it also features a long handle. The Product has a hagane body and it is compact. As a result, the reel is more comfortable and, to be honest, it is a cool baitcaster.

Available Models and Specs:

The reel has different models that, unlike many others, feature 6.3:1, 7.2:1, and 8.2:1 gear ratio. It also features 3+1 ball bearings. Even more, its Max drag is up to 11-12 lbs.

Brake System:

The reel also provides a VBS braking system. Shimano SLX, unlike other competitive reels, uses centrifugal force instead of magnets. Outcome says that not only does the reel’s casting improve but it also adds quality to the reel.

Compact and Robust: 

The reel also comes in five different models. Due to all these reasons, the SLX baitcasting reel is one of the cool baitcasters this market offers. Many anglers have been using it since its introduction in the market. In a word, the reel is 20% more compact than its alternative reels which makes it the right choice.



Reason(s) to buy

  • Hagane body for durability and strength
  • Comfortable and Robust
  • Great value for money product
  • The reel can target Big fish easily.
  • Lightweight reel 
  • Smooth performance

Reason(s) not to buy

  • Less Ball Bearings.

11. Pflueger President XT Baitcasting Reel

Pflueger President XT Baitcasting Reel

Pflueger President XT is competing against Shimano and Abu Garcia’s well-known reels. It must be remembered that with almost all the same features as Shimano and Abu Garcia’s popular reels, this reel stands out for itself. In fact, President XT is designed to make fishing simple and comfortable. 


ModelGear RatioBall BearingsMax DragLine Capacity(yd/lb)Recovery RateWeightPreferred Hand
PPXT7.37.3:1912 lbs185/2031″ | 78.7cm7.7 ozRight

Design and Weight:

President XT features an aluminum frame as well as an aluminum side plate handle which makes it lightweight. It also adds a lot of quality by making the reel durable. The product also offers a soft-touch knob and a soft-touch thumb release. The reel is far more comfortable than its competitive products.

Bearings and Spool:

Pflueger President XT comes with an incredible nine-bearing system. Bearings are made up of stainless steel which makes the product more durable. The product’s spool is made from machined and ported aluminum. 

Brake System:

The reel also features a centrifugal braking system. This cool baitcaster gives anglers a choice of three different setups. Anglers, who used it, are pretty happy about this feature. This is another reason to include Pflueger President XT in our baitcasting reels list.  

Drag and Gear Ratio: 

The reel offers a maximum drag of 17lbs. The reel’s C30 carbon side plates make the reel more durable. President XT also features a 7.3:1 gear ratio. 

Ideal Choice for Every Angler:

Pflueger President XT is the most comfortable baitcaster of its price range on account of the most compelling evidence. The product is an ideal choice for anglers for its so many features and price. It is the King of saltwater and surf fishing.



Reason(s) to buy

  • Aluminum frame
  • Lightweight and compact reel
  • Smooth and powerful
  • Decent drag
  • A long-lasting reel
  • Saltwater king

Reason(s) not to buy

  • Not any I could think of

Frequently Asked Questions

What are baitcasting reels good for?

Baitcasting reels are suitable for casting lures like jigs, crankbaits, and other big baits with great accuracy. On the contrary, baitcasting reels are not as simple as spinning reels. 

What is a good gear ratio for a baitcasting reel?

The most common gear ratio is 6.3:1. This gear ratio is considered as a medium gear ratio that is suitable for every environment. Good gear ratio is subjective. It depends upon fishing conditions and the environment. 

Which baitcasting reel is the easiest to use?

The easiest baitcaster is Piscifun’s Torrent. Torrent is the most straightforward baitcasting reel. If you’re a beginner and searching for a reel to add to your arsenal, my advice is to buy Piscifun torrent. 

Can a baitcasting reel go on any rod?

Yes, baitcaster can go on any rod but that may not be the best idea. In fact, I will never recommend it for a better fishing experience. There’s a difference between placing the reel on any rod and placing it on the perfect rod. One must not do it if he wants a good fishing experience. 

What are the four types of reels?

There are four types of fishing reels. Spinning reels, Baitcasting reels, Spincast, and Fly. It is essential to realize that every reel has its purpose and unique design. None is better than the others, but for some reason, the spinning reel is widely used throughout the world. 

Baitcasting Reel VS Spinning Reel

Whether to choose Baitcasting reel or Spinning reel? This question is one of the most famous questions asked by every beginner. The answer to this question is “it depends.” Both reels are different from each other and both are made for various applications. It is difficult to say which one is better because both types of reels serve their purpose well. We just can not choose one from a striker and a goalie.

When to use Baitcasting Reel

At this point, baitcasting reels are used in various situations. A few of them are:

  • First, when you are an experienced angler.
  • Second, when you are an angler of high skills.
  • Third, when your targets are fatty fishes.
  • Fourth, when you are fishing in tough conditions.
  • Fifth, when you can spend more on fishing.
  • Sixth, When you are not using a rod holder.

Reason(s) to buy

  • Low profile
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy line holder
  • Cast further
  • More control and precision
  • Handle heavy fishes
  • Handle heavy lures

Reason(s) not to buy

  • Require higher skill level
  • More expensive

When to use Spinning reels

Spinning reels are also used in various situations, which are:

  • First, when you are targeting small fish.
  • Second, when you are using light lures.
  • Third, when you have limited resources for buying a reel.
  • Fourth, when you are not a man of high skills.

Reason(s) to buy

  • Inexpensive but not cheap 
  • Easy to use
  • Casting near is easy
  • Suitable for light lures
  • Easy to cast near 
  • It doesn’t need a high skill level 

Reason(s) not to buy

  • Heavier than baitcasting reel
  • Not as durable as a baitcasting reel.

Things to Consider in Best Baitcasting Reels – Buying Guide

We can agree on the fact that people often choose the wrong or faulty product for their arsenal. This is due to the vast number of reels available in the market. There are many companies trying to sell their reels in the market, and all of them claim to be the best manufacturers. Due to this, people get confused and buy the wrong product. Therefore, we tried our best to educate our readers about avoiding fraud and buying the best baitcasting reels. You must consider the following things before deciding on purchasing a reel.

Best Baitcasting Reels
Infographic: Things to Consider in Best Baitcasting Reels


In brief, the first and most important thing to consider in a baitcaster is the frame. At present, reel manufacturers make frames with many materials. The most common materials of the frame are graphite and aluminum. Both aluminum and graphite offer lighter weight and durability. However, it must be noted that aluminum reels can withstand all the abuse without compromising durability. In short, graphite reels are better, but aluminum reels are best.

Ball Bearings:

The second thing to consider is ball bearings. The number of ball bearings matters, but what matters the most is the quality of ball bearings. Some cheap products in the market also offer ten ball bearings but they are of poor quality. Thus, search for “shielded, double-shielded, and sealed” ball bearings in the reel’s description.


The third thing to look for in the reel is spools. Most of the reels offer aluminum spools. Forged aluminum spools are the best in terms of both durability and performance. If you consider being lightweight the best, then go for the reels that have holes drilled in the spools. 

Line Guides: 

The fourth and equally important thing to search for in a reel description is line guides. Titanium and ceramic line guides are most common and better but if you’re searching for the best option, go for titanium. However, ceramic has its advantages. On one hand, ceramic can not hold all the significant abuse and on the other hand, it is cheap. Obviously, the quality will cost you extra money but it will provide value.

Gear Ratio:

Together with all other things, the fifth thing to consider is the gear ratio. In brief, the gear ratio describes the speed of the reel. Standard gear ratios on baitcasters are 5.4:1, 6.4:1, and also 7.1:1. Gear ratio means how many times the spool will rotate with one turn of the handle. Understanding gear ratios could be challenging so you should take advice from an experienced man before buying a reel.

Braking System:

Another thing to consider is the braking system of the reel. The braking system not only adjusts but also slows down the rotation of the spool. The most common braking systems are centrifugal braking system and magnetic braking system. In short, centrifugal brakes are based on friction and utilize pins inside the side plates. Push the pins outward to engage the brakes. The Magnetic brakes rely on the spool and magnets to decrease the spool revolution rate. 


If you prefer “comfort” over “easy to use,” then go for the soft rubber knobs. On the other hand, some people like oversized handles which makes the reel very easy to use.


You will buy one of the best baitcasting reels of the market if you consider these things before making a purchasing decision. It’s important to realize that better reels always cost more. However, the market offers some great products equipped with the same features as some expensive reels with less price tags. In short, with a great experience of judging products, you will obviously find almost everything from the market at a reasonable price.

Best Baitcasting Reel Brands


The word Piscifun is a combination of Latin words that mean Fishing is fun.

Piscifun was built by two friends, Ben and Peter, in 2013. Their slogan is “Go with the family.” Piscifun baitcasting reels are full of quality with a better price tag.

The company claims that they are focused on designing and developing what their customers want and need and they are supplying the best and most effective reels in the market. 

The Piscifun Torrent baitcasting reel is the best selling product of Piscifun. In fact, Piscifun holds the honor of making the best baitcast reels. 

Abu Garcia:

At first, the company started business as pocket watch manufacturers in 1921 but now Abu Garcia has been providing anglers the most innovative products of the highest quality for years. 

Abu Garcia Black Max baitcasting reel is the company’s best selling product, but many other products satisfy the anglers in the same way.  Many people believe Abu Garcia is the best Fishing equipment brand in the world for middle-class people.


Penn has been providing value to its customers for years and it is unarguably the best brand overall. They have been the source of people’s good fishing experience for over 75 years now. The experience of serving quality to the customers has enabled Penn to generate sales and become people’s champion. 

Penn Squall lever drag is the best Penn baitcasting reel of the company and it served a vast majority of fishing lovers.  


Pflueger is one of the leading brands of reels and rods. Their products are not only known for their advancement but also reliability and cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s about delivering quality products in the market for over 120 years or providing exemplary service to customers, Pflueger shines in both. Undoubtedly, experience has secured its position in leading brands of reels and rods. 

To sum up, Pflueger Patriarch is the premium baitcasting reel of the company. Pflueger President XT is also one of the best selling products.


Kastking started doing business in 2013. A few university friends created the company. People have started trusting the company because they’ve satisfied their customers with quality baitcasting reels. Their products are inexpensive but not cheap in quality.

For instance, KastKing Spartacus and Royale legend GT provide value to their customers and successfully added joy to their fishing experience. Almost all of their reels are making good sales in the same way. 

The Final Conclusion: 

Fishing means a lot to many people. They go out fishing with family and friends to spend quality time and enjoy their moments. They make memories during this time. To have a good fishing experience, one must have a suitable product. Not to mention, we tried our best to provide you good information and we hope this information will guide you to choose one of the best baitcasting reels for your fishing arsenal. I hope our best baitcast reels reviews helped you. Grab a baitcaster, bring good fish home, and enjoy your mom’s dish. Best of luck.